New Mom Secrets: I Leave My Twin Babies Home Alone


leave baby home alone

It's hard being a new mom (or even an experienced mom to a new baby) and sometimes we do things we know we shouldn't, despite what all the experts say. But this is a safe place to share your secrets—we won't tell.

This Week's Secret:

"I leave my 5-month-old twins alone in the house while I drive my friend home. I'm only gone for five minutes and I know nothing will happen to them because they're sound asleep, and we live in a safe neighborhood." —anonymous


Do you think it's okay to leave your sleeping baby home alone for a few minutes?

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We all have secrets and opinions—so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation nonjudgmental!

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alpha... alphabits2003

I know a lady that lost her son a year ago in a a very small housefire.  He was 4 years old and was sound asleep at nap.  She was gone from her house for 15 minutes.  The fire started in the livingroom and stayed small, but the house filled with smoke so fast the little boy died of smoke inhalation. 

I know she is having a very, very difficult time living with herself since it happened.  Her son is gone in such a senseless tragedy.  Every morning she has to get up and look at herself in the mirror and when she starts missing her son and lamenting that he's no longer on earth with her, she has NO ONE to blame but herself.  If she'd been home when the fire started he would still be alive.

Julie... Julie411me

Nonjudgemental?  You're kidding right?  This is not only stupid but it's against the law.  Shame on you, Cafemom, for promoting something illegal, dangerous and stupid.'s probably not going to lead to a tragedy but there are a lot of situations where your child would probably be OK. 

I think this annonymous mom needs to spend some time in the Cafemom groups started by moms wose children are dead and see what they think.  Many of them began the worst day of their lives thinking everything would probably be OK that day.

NEVER RISK your child's safety no matter how small you percieve the risk.  Never.


I think that this coward anonymous mom shouldn't be one.  What if they spit up and choke, that doesn't take 5 minutes.  I think if you didn't want to be inconvenienced that you shouldn't have had children.  You should be ashamed of yourself nevermind, you are and that's why you posted anonymous. This is disgusting.


My step-sis and her DH used to leave their infant son alone in the house and take the baby monitor handset with them, even as far as down the block. I don't live near them, but I was appalled and told my mom that I thought someone from the family needed to tell them that anyone could call Child Protective Services on them for that. Thank God they stopped. They now have two kids.

Barb10 Barb10

Do you have maybe a neighbor that could come and sit there for a few mins? Thats what I did when I would have to put my older child on bus for school and baby was in bed or it was too cold to take him out.

mrsjo... mrsjoeljr

There was a time when my hubby worked about five minutes away from the house, and when I needed the car I had to drive him there. So yes, at 5:00am in the middle of Indiana winters I would wake up my 6 month old and bring him with us. My dh once told me to leave him, but what if I got in a car accident?? That happens all the time.

mama4... mama4Christ361

If it takes five minutes to drive her home, she can walk home herself. Leaving kids alone like thta is NEVER acceptable. Sure I leave my dd alone in the house...when I am on the front porch smoking a cig, and the way our house is, I look in the door through the screen and can see the whole house.

Tell your lazy friend to walk. And you need to take some parenting classes.

Lanasmom Lanasmom

All i can say is wow -- I don't even like leaving my dd in the house asleep while i hang clothes on the line--i woudl never go somewhere and leave her home alone. --What if someone broke in and kidnapped her? --Kids get taken from safe neighborhoods all the time.

Mrs.C... Mrs.Combs

Do you REALISE what could happen in just 5 minutes? What an idiot.

Bamaborn Bamaborn

That would be reckless... not to mention selfish. 

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