New Mom Secrets: I Leave My Twin Babies Home Alone


leave baby home alone

It's hard being a new mom (or even an experienced mom to a new baby) and sometimes we do things we know we shouldn't, despite what all the experts say. But this is a safe place to share your secrets—we won't tell.

This Week's Secret:

"I leave my 5-month-old twins alone in the house while I drive my friend home. I'm only gone for five minutes and I know nothing will happen to them because they're sound asleep, and we live in a safe neighborhood." —anonymous


Do you think it's okay to leave your sleeping baby home alone for a few minutes?

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We all have secrets and opinions—so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation nonjudgmental!

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Aimes799 Aimes799

Wow! I would never consider leaving my son home alone for even a minute. In that time frame anything could happen and that's the scariest part. What if there was a fire or someone broke into the house? You have to think about all the possibilities of something going wrong before you even consider leaving your child home alone. Maybe someone could stay at the house while you drive your friend home or maybe your friend could get a ride. You would feel awful if something happened to your child and you probably would never forgive yourself.

oddballj oddballj

lets see..when my son was an infant..his carseat went in the bathroom with me...with doors locked.......hes now 4yo and all my doors are locked..the bathroom door stays open and he has a snack or watches a movie... the most i leave my son is to go up or downstairs... he even goes to the door with me to get the mail.. thats his choice. but  i NEVER leave me son alone. thats just stupid and crazy...irresponsible

Missi... Missikat75

This is a tough one for me because to be honest in my younger days as a parent I DID do that exact same thing once.  I thought it would be okay too because my next door neighbor had the baby monitor and she would listen for him.
But then in talking to my grandmother and telling her what I was doing she pointed out that you can't hear a fire starting. In my mind I was thinking "oh, I'll only be gone for maybe 5 mins taking my cousin home and I can zip right back with no problems..." But accidents happen usually within 2 miles of your home and fires start and babys choke.  You would feel terrible if something/anything happened in those 5 minutes you were gone. And you can NEVER get them back. I'm glad I wised up!

bigbl... bigblueeyes

this just blows my mind!.....i think the bases have all been covered.....maybe you need to rethink your parental status.....sounds like you still have some growing up to do and those babies might be better off with new parents that will appreciate and cherish them!.....i also agree that it's pretty irresponsible of cafemom to condone such an appalling act!!!!! guys are supposed to be here to help moms and for us to be able to get/give help and support to each should be ashamed of yourselves for supporting something illeagal and dangerous!.....i agree with the poster that said if something happens to those babies and you done nothing to intervene then it's on you!

Mirac... MiracleTwins

How sad. As a LOSS mom.. a life is TOO precious and can be taken in secs!! Fire, the baby coould throw up and choke on its on vomit, SIDS,  This is terribly upsetting.. I will stop now, while im ahead.

Staci... Stacie150

I have twins and I NEVER could have left them alone in the house for 5 minutes when they were babies!  They're 6 years old now and I still won't leave them at home alone.  How could you?!?!

palex... palexander

I try not to judge but how stupid can you be? I would never and have never left any of my kids at home. My mom didn't leave me home alone till I was 8 and then the neighbor who we were friends with would check on me.

In 5 minutes this could happen:

1. A fire

2. Someone could break in

3. The baby could wake up

4. A neighbor could call the police

5. Plus more

It is not worth the risk. I see things like this right along with child abuse and neglect. To me it is all in the same boat. Sorry my opinion.

amomm... amommy2a2yrold

If something happened to you while you were gone nobody would know you left the baby and everyone would rush to the hospital and god know how long baby would be alone

KelBe... KelBelmamaof2

Nonjudgemental?  You're kidding right?  This is not only stupid but it's against the law.  Shame on you, Cafemom, for promoting something illegal, dangerous and stupid.'s probably not going to lead to a tragedy but there are a lot of situations where your child would probably be OK. 

I think this annonymous mom needs to spend some time in the Cafemom groups started by moms wose children are dead and see what they think.  Many of them began the worst day of their lives thinking everything would probably be OK that day.

NEVER RISK your child's safety no matter how small you percieve the risk.  Never.

Willy... Willywonka06

Yeah sorry you just don't do it. Yes car accidents happen but leaving your kid in the house is just a big of risk and your not there to take responsibility or know what happens what if a fire does start or what if someone breaks in. If your friend is really only five min away they can walk. Sounds trashy to me.

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