New Mom Secrets: I Leave My Twin Babies Home Alone


leave baby home alone

It's hard being a new mom (or even an experienced mom to a new baby) and sometimes we do things we know we shouldn't, despite what all the experts say. But this is a safe place to share your secrets—we won't tell.

This Week's Secret:

"I leave my 5-month-old twins alone in the house while I drive my friend home. I'm only gone for five minutes and I know nothing will happen to them because they're sound asleep, and we live in a safe neighborhood." —anonymous


Do you think it's okay to leave your sleeping baby home alone for a few minutes?

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We all have secrets and opinions—so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation nonjudgmental!

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nonmember avatar cyncyn

Ur sick

Tracyjez Tracyjez

Omg! My son is 2.5 and I live in apartments, which is a small building, n I won't even walk to the trash when he's asleep its so dangerous!!!_ and I live In an extremely small town (1 traffic light small) and know all my neighbors

nonmember avatar Zilasmama

What if your baby died of SIDS while you were gone? No ones fault, right? Not even yours. But you were gone and that means your baby was neglected making it YOUR FAULT!!!!! I remember waking up from my sleep because i was worried my baby would stop breathing. Yes, thats way the opposite, but I'm relaxed now, my toddler is alive, and i Would never neglect him!

I love the comments about something happening to the mom. Yeah your kids will be fine. But what if YOU were kidnapped or had a stroke etc and mommy never came home?

You're disgusting. Not only did you leave your baby home, you left TWO babies alone.

JoAnn Turner


nonmember avatar T

Are you are perfect mothers then? We've all done wrong things! As long as we attempt to change it's a learning curve

nonmember avatar Logans mommy

I was at the gas station with my 4 month old son.... The pay station was 20 feet away and I still got him in his heavy ass car seat and took him with me, as I was pumping gas a lady pulled up and said she wanted to thank me for being such a good mom, she sees women all the time to lazy to get their kid out to run inside. I said thank you but leaving him in the car has never crossed my mind.... Then I read this article.... My son is my world and I would never ever leave him somewhere for 2 mins let alone leave the house?! I think the good mom club should pay a visit to this dumb lady's house.... No more kids for u.... Please

nonmember avatar Katie

This has got to be the most ridicouls thing I have read in a while.. I have a two year old son and in his two years of life I have never ever left my baby alone any where,anything could happen in those five minutes as to where your baby is choking, or someone breaking into your home and kid napping your baby.. No mother should ever leave there baby alone ever..

nonmember avatar alicia

This is appalling! Have your friend walk her lazy ass home if it's so damn close! You should be ashamed to post this and she should be arrested.

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