Angelina Jolie Poses While Breastfeeding

I know I said I loved Angelina Jolie, but I didn't expect to be blogging about her again so soon. However, she's in the news again and creating quite a stir (that's what makes her Angelina). The controversy? She graces the cover of the November issue of W—in a photo taken by none other than her Baby Daddy Brad—and she appears to be breastfeeding ...


Apparently Brad Pitt took the photos in August, while the Pitt-Jolie family was staying at a French chateau, and there will be more "private" photos inside the magazine (it hits newsstands next week). Some folks think it's too personal for the cover of a mag; others think it's a natural, beautiful thing. What's your take?


What do you think of Angelina breastfeeding on the cover of W?

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