Having Twins Makes Me Twice as Cool as You

Does having two make you a better person?

Twins run in my family. My mother's sisters are twins, and there are so many sets of twins on my dad's side (both fraternal and identical) that I can't count them. I always dreamed of the day that my twins would be in the big twin photo that we take at our family reunion. The problem is, as much as I wanted to, I didn't have twins. And apparently they are a real status symbol these days. Angelina has them and so does J-Lo—Cafe Kristen has them too (and she's super cool!). But a lot of other women want twins for reasons that seem, well, kind of shallow.


According to Page Six Magazine, these are some of the reasons women in New York want twins:

1. You get noticed more when you have two babies in your stroller.

2. When you do IVF, it's like getting two for the price of one.

3. You get your body back faster—no need to get pregnant again when you have two at once.

4. They're trendy—all the cool people have them.

5. Everyone will know you're rich—because you can afford two kids in this economy.

I'd still love to have twins, but what do you think of all this? Did you want twins? Did you have them?

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