Get the Tissues Out

mom died after baby born

photo from the Liz Logelin Foundation

A few weeks ago, I wrote a sad post about a baby who was born a few days after her mother died. Now, I'm writing about a mom who died just one day after her baby was born. Matt Logelin and his wife Liz had a 3 lb., 14. oz baby girl Madeline last March. Matt posted the happy news on his blog to share it with their family and friends. The next day, Liz died from a blood clot.


Since then Matt has been keeping a bittersweet blog about being a single dad to Madeline—he seeks comfort, advice, and shares his feelings. You can read his blog at

Matt also started The Liz Logelin Foundation, which he established to help others who find themselves in the heartbreaking situation of losing a loved one. If you're a widow with kids under the age of 18 and you need help, you can get information on the site to find out if you're eligible for financial assistance. If you'd like to help others, the foundation accepts online donations. Recently there was a fundraising walk that helped three Los Angeles families (originally the money raised was supposed to go to Matt, but he felt he should give it to people worse off than him).

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your baby if you died? Who would care for it? What about if your partner died? What do you think you would do?

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