Is Your Baby Memory Book Up-to-Date?

are you doing a baby memory book

photo from BabySakes

Are you keeping a baby book? You know, a book you fill with photos and momentos, and where you mark down things like your baby's monthly weight, or the first time he rolls over, sits up, sleeps through the night, etc. I received a few of them as gifts and I intended to keep one—really I did.


I saved some things from my baby shower and the hospital (like her "baby girl" tag), and I just know they're around here somewhere. I filled in some stuff here and there, but it's really spotty. I forgot things I was sure I'd remember (and was going to mark down just as soon as I had a chance) like the exact day she first smiled or the one when her first tooth popped through. These are important things. How could I forget them? I guess it's because she's changing so much, so fast. Still, I feel really guilty. I think I'll go try to work on her book right now. Or maybe I'll do it later.

Are you keeping a baby book? Is it all pretty and perfect? Or are you behind like me?

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