Fun Ways to Watch the Super Bowl with Your Baby

watching superbowl with baby

photo by CubsMom0828

Go team!

Are you watching the Super Bowl today? One of the guest bloggers over at Momlogic has a bunch of great ideas daddy-son style for watching the big game with his new baby (but who says moms and daughters can't try 'em too?). He calls them "The 12 Ways Your Baby Can Enhance the Super Bowl," but for some reason, there are only ten. I hope he's better at keeping score. Anyway, some of his ideas include carrying the baby like a football, filming you and your baby doing the wave and putting it on YouTube, turning his crib into a tiny replica football stadium, and making bets on how many times the baby will poop before half-time.

What do you think? Are you watching the Super Bowl today? Would you try any of these ideas? Who are you routing for?


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