Does This Make My Baby Look Fat?

body image and babies

photo from The Retro Baby

I was talking to some moms the other day (we all have girls) about how we want our daughters to grow up to have positive self-images—especially when it comes to their bodies. They're only babies, but it might not be too soon to start thinking about it since they mimic everything we say and do. I definitely don't want to hear my daughter saying, "I feel fat," or "Does this make me look fat," or anything else I'm guilty of saying myself. I'm going to start watching what I say now because maybe it will help later.

One of the moms brought up the onesies with slogans like "Does this diaper make my butt look big?" and "Do I look fat?"


Some of the moms in our group thought they were funny and harmless; others thought they were a bad start, and pointed out that these onesies usually come in girlie colors, which makes them worse—society is setting girls up to hate their bodies at a very young age. Obviously babies can't read, but I guess the idea is we're already passing on our own insecurities by putting them in these onesies.

What do you think? Would you put this onesie your daughter? Would you put it on your son? Are these onesies cute and harmless or the perfect start to a bad body image?


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