Angelina Jolie's Twins: Which One is Cuter?


angelina jolie brad pitt twins

The Jolie-Pitt twins

when they were first born

Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, the most recent additions to the Jolie-Pitt clan are already six months old. And they're both quite adorable. But which one is cuter? Let's do a celebrity baby showdown, Baby Buzz style. Take a look at the recent photos of the twins below and let me know what you think.

Check out this cute picture of Knox Leon being held by his dad Brad Pitt.

Now, take a look at this yummy photo of Vivienne Marcheline being carried by Angelina Jolie.

Which one is cuter?


Who's cuter Knox Leon or Vivienne Marcheline?

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bensm... bensmom22

I really didn't expect to care, but I was bored and looked anyways...and good gravy, that little boy is a cutie!

ashle... ashleehoward

They both are very cute,and look alot like their sister Shiloh

DeTor... DeTora_Family

They are both very beautiful babies.  They don't look exactly the same, but I just could not choose between them as far as which is cuter.

LaNet... LaNette000

Can't tell in that pix, but, they are babie, so I will say both are cute.

QTMom... QTMom2302

They are both beautiful babies! Just like Shiloh... but they have beautiful parents. :o)

Chels... ChelseaLiz

I think they look alike but I would have to say the boy is cuter.

mommy... mommyonhawaii

They look a lot like Shiloh.  But as a mom of twins, please don't ask which one is cuter!  I have fraternal boys, and one is ahem, a little more cute.  But I wouldn't want people asking or telling me, they could hear and I don't want my little twin to feel bad.  He's cute in his own way, for some reason he looks nothing like DH or I or his brothers, he looks like DH's mom and her side of the family.  Poor little thing has the personality too, poor guy.

cassi... cassie_kellison

they look alot alike to me, poor Knox looks a little scared of the paparazzi, but can you blame him. They are both adorable like their older sister's and brother's

summe... summerdayz

I don't know if they are identical twins or not, but they sure look identical to me....and BEAUTIFUL, like their parents.

 I voted c'mon, they are twins.

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