Wanna Have Sex?

not in the mood for sex when breastfeeding

And this little piggie doesn't feel like "doing it"

If you're breastfeeding and you're anything like me, the answer is probably no. I thought I wasn't in the mood because I'm exhausted, I feel fat, and my boobs and the rest of my post-pregnancy body are now geared up more for function than fun. But it turns out that those might not be the only reasons I, um, have a headache every night.


Hilda Hutcherson, a gynecologist, and author of What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex, talked to Babble and gave the four main reasons women don't want to have sex after having babies. Sure, she talks about being tired and feeling fat. She also says that some mommies don't feel like sexual beings any more. But she also gives another, more surprising reason that women don't want to have sex: breastfeeding.

When you breastfeed, your body makes a hormone called prolactin that kills your sex drive. Apparently Mother Nature does not want you to have sex while you're breastfeeding. It's likely a protective measure so you don't get pregnant again too soon.

Hmm ... is this why so many women are breastfeeding until their baby is 18?!

Are you breastfeeding? How's your sex drive?

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