Do You Use a Baby Leash?

baby leashes

photo from Target

Eddie Bauer 2-in-1

Harness Buddy, $8.99

Once your baby starts walking, which can be anywhere from about 9 months and up, he's going to be even more on the move than he was when crawling. Not only can it be exhausting having to chase him around all day to make sure he doesn't get hurt, it can sometimes be hard to get him to stay still, say if your hands are full of groceries and you're unlocking your car door. So skyes_mom07 asked everyone in the CafeMom Newcomers Club what they thought of baby leashes (also called harnesses). Here, the pros and cons.


Baby leashes are good:

1. They keep your baby safe and they come in cool animal styles. —DakotaRose

2. My daughter likes it because she tended to wander, but got scared when she couldn't see me. —Pnukey

3. I would much rather have my child on a leash than running through the store where he could be kidnapped. —21noahsmama21

4. They're not an alternative to teaching your child to listen and not to walk off, but they can be helpful in achieving that goal. —mom2ljh

Baby leashes are bad:

1. When I try to use it, my daughter screams and falls to the floor. —Mamamanic

2. Some people (not me I use one) consider it "lazy parenting." —fmmpmmdmmom

3. Some people (not me I use one) think leashes are meant for dogs not babies. —fmmpmmdmmom

Have you ever tried a baby leash? What did you think? Do you plan on using one? Why or why not?

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