Love It or Leave It: Bibs to Go

disposable baby bibs

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Bibs to Go, $9.99

I have a bunch of bibs for my baby, but there's only one I really use. I like it because it's really big so it's got good coverage, it's machine washable, it has a little pocket to catch anything my baby drops (important once your little one starts finger foods), it's eco (made from recycled materials), and it's super cute.

But I just came across these bibs at Cool Mom Picks. It's basically a "pad" of 10 bibs—you can keep it in your diaper bag and tear one off as you need it.


The bibs are waterproof and each one has a fun illustration on it (lions, monkey, cats, etc.). You toss it once you're baby is done eating, drinking, drooling. A 10-pack costs $9.99.

The upside is you'll always have a fresh, fun diaper handy when you're out, rather than the old food-encrusted one at the bottom of the diaper bag (or none because you've forgotten to bring one).

The downside is you could buy one reusable bib for that price, and disposable bibs definitely aren't green if you're into the saving the planet thing.

What do you think? Do you love the idea of Bibs to Go? Or will you stick with what you've got?

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