Who Does Your Baby Look Like?

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Mr. Cafe Suzanne looks a lot like Snuffleupagus (brown hair, long nose, bushy eyebrows). All of those characteristics work on him—he's handsome. But I was really worried about those eyebrows on a baby girl. What if she ended up with them? Who was she going to look like anyway?


When our daughter finally arrived, she didn't look like either one of us, and everyone asked, "Who does she look like?" Well, she looked a lot like Winston Churchill (he's no relation). She was very cute. All the nurses said so.

Now that she's a year old, she's starting to look like less of a baby and more like a little girl, and she still doesn't look like either one of us. But, wouldn't you know it? She got Mr. Cafe Suzanne's eyebrows. Exact replicas. Very full, very bushy (we're talking hang into your eyeball bushy) eyebrows. And they look absolutely adorable on her. But I know that one teenage day she's going to lock herself in the bathroom with a pair of tweezers, and we will have an eyebrow disaster on our hands. I'm prepared.

Who does your baby look like?

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