Angelina Jolie Did It: Did You?

tattoos of baby's name, baby picture

photo by flutterby5429

My friend got a tattoo after she had her first baby—a butterfly with her daughter's name in it. After her second daughter was born, she had her name added to the butterfly. Victoria Beckham has a star for each of her three boys (her hunka hunka husband David Beckham has their names tattooed across his back).


Angelina Jolie has the longitude and latitude coordinates of the birthplaces of each of her six children tattooed on her left arm. Even though the twins were born in the same place, she got one for each of them.

Some moms get tattoos of their baby's portrait, others get their footprints or hand prints.

I don't have any tattoos, but I do have some stretch marks to commemorate my daughter's birth. Hmm, maybe a tattoo would be just the thing to cover all that up. But it would have to be a pretty big one!

How about you? Did you get a tattoo after your baby was born? Are you planning on getting one? What kind of design are you thinking about?

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