Bad Things People Say to New Moms

people try to scare new parents

Sweet ... or scary?

You had the baby. Now you're starting to hear all those "helpful" little horror stories. "You'll never sleep again." "The baby will never sleep." "You're going to learn a lot about poop." "Just wait until she gets sick for the first time." "Being a parent is so hard!" "Girls are so much easier than boys." "Boys are so much easier than girls." "You'll never have sex again." "Your life is over!"

Gee, I was kind of thrilled to be a mom. Why are all these people trying to scare me?


The same thing happens when you're pregnant or in the process of adopting, so I guess I should have expected it. But still, wouldn't a simple "congratulations" do?

All of those warnings may or may not be true, but why not let me find out for myself or at least let me enjoy a few moments, a few weeks, or a few months with my baby before you start in with all the horror stories.

After all, having a baby is scary enough.

Do people regale you with stories about all the difficult things you can expect now that you're a Baby Mama? How do you respond? What's the worst thing someone has said to you?

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