Baby for Sale!

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Teens try to sell baby

on Craigslist

What to do when your baby cries too much? Put it up for sale. At least that's what some teens in Michigan tried to do.


Three teen boys place a classified ad on Craigslist with a picture of an infant. The ad read:

"Damn kid won't stop crying and it's pissing me off. Drive out here and you can have it ... baby girl 5 weeks old. Get it [out of here]."

Several people, who were concerned about the baby, called police about the ad. The teens said it was a prank and there is no baby. They're being disciplined by their school—though I'm not sure where the school comes into play. The police are still trying to find out the identity of the baby in the photo.

Last year, an Oregon man was arrested for posting a Baby for Sale ad on Craigslist. He pretended to be the parents of a baby he was selling for $1,000 and said they had run out of drugs and needed money. It turned out to be a hoax (thought the parents and the baby were real), but he probably didn't find it so funny when he found himself behind bars—it's a felony to advertise a baby for sale in the state of Oregon.

A man in New Hampshire was also investigated last year for placing an ad to sell his one-year-old daughter.

I've seen some babies for sale here on CafeMom, but I think those "ads" are funny and sweet, and we know not to take them seriously. Somehow the Craigslist ads seem different.

What do all you Baby Mamas think? Do you think ads to sell babies are all in good fun—no harm done? Or do you think they're wrong?

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