Did You Name Your Baby After Yourself?

naming baby after mom or dad

photo by LiLMAMA13

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Martin was actually born "Michael King Jr." and his dad was Michael King Sr. But the elder King changed both of their names from Michael to Martin Luther when his son was about five. I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like boys are named after their dads (or even their granddads) more than girls are named after their moms.


My friend named her son "William" after his father; the dad goes by Bill, the baby goes by Will. Another friend named her son after his dad, but the son uses his middle name. My father was named after his dad, and I have two boy cousins who were named after their dads. One of them, named Louis, goes by "Chip," as in "chip off the old block."

I don't know any girl or woman—of my friends or family—who was named after her mom. Why do you think that is?

Did you name your baby girl after yourself? Did you name your baby son after his dad? Are you named after your mom?

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