Want a Girl? Skip the Cereal.

women who eat cereal have boys

Can you predict your baby's sex

by what you eat for breakfast?

Did you eat a lot of cereal? Do you have a boy? According to a study published in the Scientific American last spring, women who had boy babies ate more breakfast cereal than women who have girls. The researchers weren't sure why eating cereal made more boy babies, but suspected it might have something to do with glucose, a by-product of the carbohydrates in cereal which helps the growth of male fetuses. 

But if you're thinking of trying for a boy don't grab the cereal box just yet. A brand-new study refutes these findings and says that a woman who eats more cereal around the time of conception is not more likely to deliver a boy. So which study should we believe?


I have no idea.

So I suggest we conduct a little Baby Buzz study of our own with the poll below.

Do you eat cereal for breakfast? Did you have a boy? Did you have a girl? Do you even have time for breakfast?


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