Baby News You Need This Week

This week's Daily Buzz has been full of need-to-know info about babies, not just here in the Baby Buzz (pattin' my own back) but in some of the other channels as well. In case you missed these blog posts, please check them out when you get a chance:


For the facts on how Vicks VapoRub can hurt your baby, read what Cafe Cynthia has to say in the Toddler Buzz.

To find out which peanut butter snacks your little one should avoid (if he's eating PB yet), please take a look at More Salmonella Deaths from Peanut Butter in the Healthy Living Buzz.

To dish with Cafe Melisa about Ben and Jen's new baby girl, visit the Pregnancy Buzz.

And to learn how to cook with semen (yes, you read that right), head over to Cafe Kim's Food & Party Buzz.

Okay, so maybe that last one wasn't really so much about babies. Then again, in a weird way, it kind of is.

Thanks so much for reading the Baby Buzz. I love hearing from all of you!

Happy Weekend! Hope you've got Monday off.

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