Baby Born Days After Mother's Death

I don't usually post tragic baby stories—they upset me too much. This is a sad story. But it's kind of a happy one too. Jayne Solomon was a champion figure skater who was once ranked 7th in the world. More than anything she wanted to be a mom. But when she was just 26 weeks pregnant she collapsed at home with a brain hemorrhage.


There was nothing the doctors could do for Jayne, but they could try to save her unborn child. Since being inside Jayne was the best environment for it to thrive, the doctors had to keep her heart beating. The baby was born at 26 weeks (delivered by C-section) two days after her mother was declared clinically brain dead. Ava Jayne Solomon weighed 2 lbs, 1 oz.

It was Jayne's strong heart that kept beating for those 48 key hours, long enough for doctors to pump steroids into her body to ensure her daughter's lungs would be mature enough to support her after birth.

Ava is five days old and doing well. Her dad Mahmoud Solomon is a proud papa and a grieving husband.

I have to go hug my baby now.

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