The Cruelest Baby Names Ever

cruel baby names

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We all like to dish about how good or bad the latest celebrity baby's name is—like Seraphina (the newest Affleck). But LittleRing79 started a conversation in the CafeMom Newcomers club about some really cruel baby names like Adolf Hitler, who by the way, has been taken away from his parents (but not because of his name).


The idea of the post Cruel Names for Children is to give either the name of someone you really know or a name that someone could give a baby that would be really mean. You won't believe some of the names people have actually given their children. Here are the highlights (all of these names are real according to the people who posted them):

1. Blow Job

2. Abcde

3. Hellcity

4. Richard Head (went by Dick)

5. Clahmiddia

6. Sexsey

7. Rawmeet (pronounced raw meat)

8. Kandi Apel

9. Cadaver

10. Meconium

Which of these names do you think is the worst? Do you know anyone with a really cruel baby name (not just one that you might not like)?

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