How Cold is Too Cold for Baby?

how to keep baby warmIt is freezing out. Or as the professional forecasters are saying, "an arctic invasion is underway." Arctic invasion? That's cold. My friend says she's not going to take her baby to sign language class tomorrow because it's just too chilly. I think running the baby from the house to the car is okay. Can it be too cold to bring your little one out? And what's the best way to dress him?


Here are some tips for keeping your kid warm and safe:

1. Always dress your baby in layers and winter outerwear.

2. He should wear a hat and mittens even if he's only going to be out for a few minutes.

3. Your baby can't tell you if he's cold so keep an eye on him. If he's lethargic or feels cold to the touch he is cold and should be brought inside.

4. Keep playtime short (twice a day for 20 or 30 minutes, rather than once for longer).

5. Check this chart to see if it's so cold you shouldn't bring your baby out.

How do you dress your baby to keep him warm on winter's coldest days?

Image via Justin Paget/Corbis

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