Does Your Baby Wear Jewelry?

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Teddy Bracelet by

Petit Bijou by Garcelle

Nothing in or around baby that could pose a possible choking hazard, we all know the rule. That includes jewelry. Very pretty baby jewelry that would look so cute on the wee one if only ...

My children as infants received a few necklaces or beaded chains for baptisms, birthdays and such that I've oohed and ahed over before stashing them away probably never to be seen again until neck size 15.

One very special one is a strand of pearls for my daughter bought by her Gran at a thrift store in Ireland. Oh, pearls! I wish they were longer because I'd wear them.

But they never graced my daughter's chubby little neck once because I imagine it's pretty difficult to clean dried up birthday cake from out between each tiny pearl. There just never seemed to be the right time or occassion.


At this rate, she'll probably never wear them, saving them to give to her own daughter one day, which is nice but also a shame. Pretty jewelry should be worn! I checked around, and there are some pretty irresistible baby pieces out there, like the one above by Petit Bijou by Garcelle.

Lots of baby mamas pierce their infants' ears -- little, well secured studs seem like a good alternative to dangly things around the neck if that's for you. Some CafeMoms said they pierced their daughters' ears as young as four to six months old.

Here's another option -- anklets. Baby is pretty flexible, though and could probably rip and discombobulate even the sturdiest chain.

This one at right by an Etsy crafter is made of sterling silver clam shells and sterling round beading. Maybe that one is better for the beach where the little one has plenty of other things to distract her.


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