Gifts for Giving Birth: Did You Get One?


What did you get when your baby was born?

I first heard about "push presents" (a gift your husband or significant other gives you after you've given birth) when I was about 8 months pregnant. Some women get diamonds or other expensive jewelry; others get fancy handbags. My husband and I laughed about it and every once in a while I'd tell him I hoped he was working on getting me something really special.


But I was only joking and he knew it. I didn't really want or expect anything. For me, my baby would be better than any bauble he could get me. And I didn't change my mind after my daughter arrived. Despite the terrible doctor, an arm infection from the I.V., swollen legs, and terrible pain, she was all the "reward" I needed. Besides, aren't fancy gifts what Mother's Day is for?(Hint, hint, Mr. Cafe Suzanne.)

Some women expect push presents (also called push prize, baby bauble, baby mama gift) from their partners. Others don't, but change their minds later, like the Mommy Blogger who wrote "Diamonds are for Labor." She ended up with a citrine drop pendant and matching earrings (citrine is her baby's birthstone), and says they're a memento of all the bliss and anxiety of the first few days of motherhood.

What about you? Did you want a push present? Did you get one? What do you think of them?

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