Photographer Captures the 'Unfortunate' Moment Newborn Realizes He Was Born In 2020

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Chelsea Whetsel Photography

We can all agree: 2020 has essentially been a dumpster fire. From insane celebrity deaths to an unrelenting health crisis, sprinkled in with murder hornets and a possible Kanye West presidential campaign ... yeah, we'd say it's been rough.

  • Perhaps that's why when birth photographer Chelsea Whetsel shared this image of her newest subject reacting to his welcome to the world, it resonated.

    "When you're only 2 minutes old, and realize 2020 is a hot mess -- and can't go back inside, I feel ya kid," she cleverly captioned the photo, which is part of the reason it got over 1.7K likes. 

    "I've been a birth photographer for seven years now, every birth is extraordinary in its own way," Whetsel tells CafeMom. "This birth was probably the smoothest I've seen. The baby came out eyes wide open and just so alert."

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  • The funniest part? Whetsel tells CafeMom that she captured a moment that she says was "in reaction" to his arrival. 

    birth photosgraphy
    Chelsea Whetsel

    "When they placed him on his mama's chest we said 'Welcome to the world little guy' and we all laughed at the face he made! And that’s how the most perfect caption ever was formed."

  • People flooded Whetsel's comments section with laughing emojis and empathetic "condolences."

    Chelsea Whetsel Photography
    "Haha so dang true. #sorrykid," wrote one reader. 

    "Doctor just diagnosed me with gestational diabetes and I've most definitely made this face, thinking about all the snacks I can't have, it just wasn't as precious," joked another user. "Such a cutie!"
  • The photographer says that moments like this are among one of the many reasons she loves what she does. 

    "I love being a birth photographer because during those moments the mother is so focused on her breathing and getting that baby out that 9 out of 10 times the moms forget I am there. So when I send these photos they relive everything, and it is just such a rewarding and beautiful moment to be able to freeze a once in a lifetime moment for them," she says.

    Here's to hoping that this baby boy cheers up and (for his sake as well as ours) the rest of the year gets better.