16 Things Newborn Moms Need in the Summer

Devan McGuinness | Jul 10, 2020 Baby
16 Things Newborn Moms Need in the Summer
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If parents live in a place where there is more than one or two seasons, we have to be aware of which season our baby is going to be born in. If they're due in the winter months, we have to think about snow suits and warm car covers. If they're born in the spring, we need special covers from the rain for the stroller and car seats. And babies born in the summer means we have to plan for the hot days.

If shopping for a baby that's going to be born in the summer is on the to-do list, we've rounded up 16 things all newborn moms need for their summer baby. Most of these are comfort and safety items for the new parents to ensure the heat isn't getting to their baby. But the summer also means fun things like splash pads and days at the beach, so we've covered those, too.

Here are 16 things newborn moms need for their baby born in the summer months.

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  • Mosquito Nets

    mosquito nets

    The summer is amazing for hanging out way past our bedtime and that often means that we're out when the bugs come out, too. To keep them away from our babes, whether we're hanging in the backyard or out for a walk, having mosquito nets on hand is a good idea. 

    Enovoe Baby Mosquito Net ($10, Amazon)

  • Outside Pack 'n' Play 

    Outside Pack n Play

    Holding a baby is a lot of work but being able to put our babies down isn't always easiest if we're out where there's grass or sand. This outdoor pop-up pack n play is a smart way to have your fun and have somewhere safe for your baby to be as well. 

    Summer Infant Ultimate Portable Playard ($103, Amazon)

  • Newborn Sun Hat

    Newborn sun hat

    It doesn't take a lot of time out in the sun before a newborn baby's skin is at risk of getting a sunburn. They're too young for sunscreen (it isn't recommended for babies younger than 6 months old), so using a giant sunhat is one way to help keep them safe from the sun. 

    i-Play-Baby Protection in White (from $7, Amazon)

  • Car Sun Shield

    Car Sun Shield

    The sun is out for a long time in the summer, and we all know that driving at certain times of the day is a challenge due to the sun. That same glare is uncomfortable for a newborn riding in the backseat of the car, too. These blinds help keep that sun out of their eyes and off their skin. 

    Munchkin Brica Safety Shade Pack ($15, Amazon)

  • Car Seat Cover

    Car Seat Cover

    We have these covers for the winter, too, that go over the car seat for a newborn to stay warm, but this one is different. This cover is breathable, but also serves as a sun protector with its material that has an SPF of 50+.

    Britax B-Covered All-Weather Infant Cover ($45, Amazon)

  • A Sun Blanket

    A Sun Blanket

    Summer fun with our newborns often means outings to the park and the beach. Having a sun blanket is helpful so there's somewhere clean to put our babies down and this one also has an SPF of 50+ so it can be used as a protection from the sun as well. 

    Coolibar UPF-50+ Savannah Sun Blanket ($29, Amazon)

  • Sunglasses


    It might just seem like a silly thing we do to make our babies look cute, but these are important for the health of our baby's eyes. Being a protective cover from the sun, these little sunglasses are great for those sunny day walks or time spent at the beach.

    Baby BANZ ($18, Amazon)

  • A Breathable Baby Carrier

    A Breathable Baby Carrier

    Baby carriers are a great way to keep a newborn close to their parent and gives them that comforting feel they had while they were still in the womb. As helpful as they are, baby carriers can also make mom or dad feel too hot, so getting a breathable one is ideal for the summer.

    Ergobaby Ergonomic Carrier ($179, Amazon)

  • Stroller Fan

    Stroller Fan

    One of the most challenging things in the summer for our comfort is when it's so humid outside we can't cool down no matter what we do. The only thing that works is to have moving air and this mini fan that can clip to the stroller or car seat is perfect for those humid and hot days.

    Handheld or Stroller Fan ($55, Amazon)

  • Swim Ring

    Swim Ring

    Little babies love water, and if playing in the pool is something that sounds like fun in the summer, having somewhere to place the baby (while holding on to the device, of course) so they can enjoy the water is a fun experience for all. This little swim ring also has a shield for some added sun protection.

    Swimways Spring Activity Center ($30, Amazon)

  • Baby Bottle Cooler for Breast Milk & Formula

    Baby Bottle Cooler for Breastmilk and Formula

    If baby takes a bottle of formula or breast milk, keeping them cool is important for food safety, and that's where this cooler comes into good use. It keeps bottles cool even in the hot summer days and makes sure it's kept at the ideal temperature.

    PackIt Freezable Lunch ($22, Amazon)

  • Reusable Swim Diaper

    Reusable Swim Diaper

    If there are plans to spend the summer in the pool or at the beach -- or even just a little splash pad at home -- having a reusable swim diaper comes in handy. This way, there's never a scramble to find one of those disposable ones if it's a spur-of-the-moment adventure. 

    i Play Ultimate Reusable Diaper ($10, Amazon)

  • Muslin Blankets

    Muslin Blankets

    We all find these swaddling blankets super handy and these muslin ones are perfection for the summer and to use with a newborn baby. They're just the right amount of breathability to keep baby cool while still being able to swaddle them like they prefer.

    Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blanket ($17, Amazon)

  • Car Seat or Stroller Cooling Pad

    Car Seat or Stroller Cooling Pad

    Having an extra layer to keep baby cool is perfect for long road trips in the car or for any midday walks with the stroller. It adds a layer of breathability to there's no worry about the baby overheating.

    Lunchlid Stroller Breathable Cushion ($12, Amazon)

  • Pop Pacifier

    Pop Pacifier

    One of the best things about summer is being able to make memories and adventure off wherever the wind takes us. With those adventures comes travel, and the last thing we want is for our baby to get sick. These Pop Pacifiers keep the important part of the pacifier clean if it's accidentally dropped at the airport or the park.

    Doddle & Co Pop Pacifier ($19, Amazon)

  • Shade Play Pool

    Shade Play Pool

    Playing in the water is fun for everyone in the summer, and that can start early when the babe's still a newborn. Those memories are fun to make when they're little and this fun one has an UPF of 50+ so the little one is safe from the sun and has a fun place to cool down -- with the mom or dad's help, of course.

    iGeeKid Baby Beach Tent Pool ($40, Amazon)

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