Grandma Slams New Mom as 'Ridiculous' for Not Agreeing To Go on Vacation -- Weeks After Giving Birth


New mom holding baby

All new moms deserve a break, but the last thing someone wants to do not long after giving birth is to pack up a tiny newborn (and recovering body) to hit the road for a vacation. Yes, we know. A baby is hard work and every mom more than earns some much-needed relaxation, but weeks postpartum is hardly the time she wants to pull out the bikini and hit up a Sandals resort. So it's no surprise that one woman turned down her parents after they asked if she wanted to go on vacation with them mere weeks after she'd be giving birth. The only problem is that they think she's being "ridiculous."

  • The pregnant mom shared online that her baby is due at the end of August.

    In any situation, the last stretch of your pregnancy would be difficult. Your body is the most swollen and swore it's ever been, you have to finish getting everything ready for baby, and if you're anything like this poster in the Am I the A--hole forum on Reddit, you're also dealing with parents who don't understand why you won't go on vacation with them in September.

    "Although they are staying in the same country, it will be at least a three to four hours drive," she explained.

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  • Nuh-uh. No way were the soon-to-be parents going to go.

    First and foremost -- there is still a global health crisis going on. Second, they'll have a teeny tiny newborn who'll need to sleep and eat and poop and definitely shouldn't be around people instead of social distancing. And third, "we have literally no idea what the birth or recovery will be like or how long it will take because who does?! What will be will be," the mom explained.

    "For all of the reasons above, I just feel it's not the right thing to do and wouldn't logistically work," she continued.

  • Of course, there's always a chance the mom could give birth early. But that still doesn't mean she'd be willing to go despite having a bit more time to "prepare."

    "I just feel like it's such an adjustment period for our little family," she says and doesn't understand why they'd pressure themselves to go away so soon.

    "Anyways, I relayed this to my mom," she continued. "She thinks I am being ridiculous but dad totally gets my thinking. My mom told me 'you can't put your life on hold just because you've had a baby.'"

  • Those comments bring her to this post.

    "Is it me, or is that such a d--k thing to say?" she asked. "Me not wanting to go on holiday with a tiny newborn, just weeks after giving birth is not unreasonable, surely?!"

    Unfortunately, her mom doesn't see it that way and won't let it go.

    "But here she is giving me a hard time. And her being her, she will continue to do so because she thinks she's right and I'm being pathetic," she wrote.

  • People were shocked that her mother would insist on a new mom and infant traveling during this health situation.

    "NTA [Not the A--hole], do not go," someone commented. "There's a [health crisis] and you'll have a tiny baby, AND you'll still be recovering and learning motherhood! What a weird thing for your mom to get mad about!"

    "And you most certainly can and should 'put your life on hold' when you are recovering from a pretty severe medical procedure and/or surgery," another person added.

    A third person put it this way: "NTA. You have absolutely no idea what your life, or the world, will be like four weeks after your due date. Don't make any set in stone plans."

    In an update to her thread, the mom was grateful to see that she wasn't alone in thinking it was crazy to consider going on the vacation.

    "Thank you all so much for your responses to this post! It's done more for me than you'll ever know," she wrote.

    "I've always questioned myself and find it hard to know if I am doing the right thing, so it's good to know that my instincts are spot on!" she continued. "I'm sure my issues stem from growing up with a mum like I have."

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