20 Floral Baby Names for Boys & Girls

Chloe Wilt | Jun 15, 2020 Baby
20 Floral Baby Names for Boys & Girls
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Baby holding flower
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There's a lot of pressure on parents when it comes to choosing a baby name. Nobody wants to name their baby something so generic and overdone, which is where symbolic names come in to play. When a name has meaning, it could never be basic. Flowers have meaning, and their names are often so beautiful and captivating. Floral baby names don't have to be only feminine, there are plenty of flowers out there that give off a masculine or even androgynous vibe. Naming a baby after a flower will set the little one up for success, and the kiddo will have a built-in favorite plant. Prepare to get a lot of flowers as a baby shower gift if one of these names makes the cut. 

Floral names are nothing new, necessarily, but they are each so special. People have been using flowers for inspiration because of their look, scent, and meaning for years. There is so much more to flowers than just looks and smell. Flowers have deep, symbolic, and sometimes religious meanings. Kids named after flowers are set up to be artistic, well-read, and have a deeper understanding of the beauty in the world. Some parents want to be more trendy, while others love a vintage name. Floral names are perfectly in the middle, both modern and classic. Many of these names have been in movies, books, or mythology, but on a day-to-day they are so rare. Read ahead for 10 beautiful, feminine flower names for girls. Plus, 10 equally gorgeous, but a little more masculine names for the boys. 


    Toddler holding dandelion

    An azalea is a gorgeous usually baby pink flower that opens wide with big petals on a single stem. The flower is a symbol of femininity and softness, and is often given to tell loved ones to take care of themselves. The name is a symbol of womanhood and beauty. It's originally a Greek name that means Dry Flower. 

  • IRIS

    Little girl and mom in flower field

    Iris is the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and the flower is equally as beautiful. The flower symbolizes trust, wisdom, and hope. The iris is a purple flower that inspired the French royal symbol the fleur-de-lis. Irises have inspired countless poets and artists, but the most famous depiction is Van Gogh's painting called Irises

  • LILY

    Baby sniffing rose

    The lily has delicate, trumpet-shaped petals, and is a symbol of purity and perfection. The flower is often seen as innocent and can represent rebirth. The plant comes in a variety of colors, with each having a slightly different meaning. Lily as a name is originally Old English, and has a few different ways of spelling. Plus, there are a lot of cute nicknames that can come out of it. 


    Mom and baby in flower field

    The dahlia is a multi-layered flower often with bright purple petals. The name is the Latin form of the name of botanist Andreas Dahl. It also translates in Scandinavian to "Dahl's flower." The flower symbolizes elegance and dignity, which makes sense considering how elegant a name it is. 


    Toddler playing in flowers

    The name Poppy translates in Latin to red flower; the bold name translates perfectly to a spunky young girl. In Greek mythology poppies were used by Morpheus, the Greek god of Dreams. Some poppies can produce opium, which is symbolic of sleepiness and peace. It's popular in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, and Wales, but hasn't caught on as much in North America. 

  • ROSE

    Mom and baby in rose garden

    The name Rose is relatively self-explanatory. It stands for the romantic flower of love, and has been used as a name for ages. The rose is associated with the Virgin Mary in Christianity, and is a symbol of love and beauty. The name Rose can be translated easily in many different languages, and is a classic and long-lasting moniker. 


    Little girl sniffing flower

    Jasmine is a Persian name that signifies a "gift from God." The flower is delicate and has a delicious and aromatic scent that has been used in perfumes and essential oils. The name became especially popular after the Disney movie Aladdin was released in 1992. Who wouldn't want to be named after a Disney princess?


    Toddler sniffing pink flower

    Aster is a Greek name for "star." The aster flower looks like a cross between a daisy and a wildflower and has a star-shaped head. The plant symbolizes love and wisdom, and in Greek mythology the flower was created from the tears of the goddess Astrea, who wished to see more stars in the dark sky. So, star-like flowers flooded the ground of the Earth. 


    Little girl walking with box of flowers

    Holly is named after the holly tree, which is often used as a decoration at Christmastime. It's an evergreen with stiff leaves and clusters of red berries attached. Holly is the flower for December, and is a perfect name for winter babies. One famous Holly character in cinema is Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's, played by Audrey Hepburn.

  • IVY

    Little girl flower crown

    Ivy is a climbing evergreen vine that represents fidelity. In ancient Greece, newlyweds were gifted an ivy wreath to symbolize faithfulness and eternity. That makes sense when thinking about the Ivy plant and its everlasting quality. The name skyrocketed in popularity after Beyoncé and Jay Z named their daughter Blue Ivy in 2012.


    Baby flower feet

    The hawthorne plant is a small tree or shrub with bright green leaves and either pink or white clusters of flowers at the end. They are known for their vibrant colors and aromatic smells, Hawthorne also produces an edible fruit similar to an apple. In Celtic mythology, the hawthorne tree is sacred and represents love and protection. It's also known as the fairy tree and is thought to be home to fairies. 


    Little boy holding lily flower

    Musical families would love the name Alder, because the wood of the alder tree is used to make electric guitars. It's an Old English name that means "old," but that doesn't have to be a negative thing. "Old" actually represents nobility and strength. This name is easily made into a few cute nicknames like Ald or Aldi, but Alder sounds classy and handsome. 

  • BUD

    Baby holding tiny plant
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    A bud is a developing flower or leaf, which is a perfect name for a growing little boy. Bud means messenger or friend, and a cute nickname could be Buddy. While it's normally popular as a colloquial term for pal or friend, it's less often used as an actual name. That makes it unusual, but it could also make for a great middle name. 


    Little boy holding sunflower

    The cypress tree is long-lasting, strong, and adaptable, all great qualities of a little boy. In Greek mythology, the tree is associated with the Greek goddess Artemis and god Apollo. In the story of their birth, the cypress tree was formed after a beloved boy was accidentally shot by Artemis' arrow and transformed into the strong tree. A cute nickname could be simply Cy. 

  • ELM

    Little boy holding flowers

    The elm tree is associated with the sacred life cycle, and symbolizes victory, goals, and is heavily referenced in many religions. The tree was said to have psychic abilities and predict events. Elm is a popular middle name, but has the strength to stand on its own as a first name. The name means "red or brown."


    Little boy picking flowers
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    Indigo is a hue of deep bluish-purple flowers native to India, and would make for a cool and interesting name. A great nickname could be Indie, like Indiana Jones. It's a popular Greek name for young boys, but is gender neutral enough to be for a girl, too. It's also a color of the rainbow, which draws to mind a vibrant and artistic person. 


    Little boy gives Mom flowers

    The name Basil originates in England and means king, but it's also an herb used in the kitchen. In Greece it's a popular name that represents royalty. In many folktales basil, the plant, is associated with love and if you gift someone basil, they will fall in love with you. The herb has antibacterial properties and is used in a lot of holistic medicines. 

  • REN

    Little boy and his grandfather pick flowers

    The name Ren is the Japanese word for the lotus flower. The stunning water lily symbolizes love, purity, and goodness. Ren is such a cool name for a boy or a girl, and has been featured in tons of film and pop culture moments. The lead character in Footloose is called Ren, so maybe this name brings dancing abilities, too. 

  • SAGE

    Little boy planting flowers

    Sage, a name with its roots in Latin, means wisdom, and represents wise leaders. The herbal plant is known for its energy cleansing abilities when burned. The smoke from burning sage leaves supposedly impart long-lasting life and clarity. People drink sage tea to stay healthy and ancient herbalists said it was the secret to everlasting youth.


    Little boy sniffing flowers

    Sorrel is a tangy, lemon-flavored plant that is often used in French cooking, making it a popular name in France. It is also the name for a copper color and is a great name for an autumn baby when the leaves are changing to a reddish brown shade. Sorrel is also the name of a Caribbean beverage made out of hibiscus flowers, so a little boy named Sorrel will definitely not be a picky eater. 

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