Bored Mom Gives Baby a Makeover With 'Evil Eyebrows' & the Expressions Are Priceless


evil eyebrow baby tiktok

Many people are finding that stay-at-home orders are offering them lots of time to get creative on social media. Case in point: A 28-year-old mom from Oregon, who has been identified only as Morgan, is now making headlines for drawing "evil," cartoon-ish eyebrows on her baby girlLeighton Mae Rose, and posting video of the look to TikTok.

  • The clip has garnered more than 1 million views since April 8, reports the New York Post.

    "We thought it would be funny to see the expressions she makes paired with the brows!" Morgan, who asked that her last name be withheld for privacy reasons, told Jam Press, according to the Post. She was inspired to do the video, because "TikTok became the thing to do during quarantine," she explained.

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  • Morgan reportedly achieved the brow job with a micro brow pencil in an ash-brown shade, and she demonstrated her work in a follow-up post.

  • Some commenters were all for the comic relief.

    "I love this so much," one of Morgan's fans wrote on TikTok. "I have to do this to my grand baby."

    Another commenter wrote that with the brow job, the little one "looks 5 months and 50 years old at the same time."

    A third shared, "Love it! It's gonna have to be one of her pictures at senior year."

  • Others were aghast.

    "Seriously, why would you do this to a baby?" one critic wrote. 

    Another chimed in, "Poor baby." A third noted, "This beautiful baby may be traumatized after this -- unless she becomes TikTok famous!"

    And according to The Sun, one TikTok user expressed concern for the baby's sensitive skin, writing, "Omg! That's probably so harsh on a babies [stet] skin, poor thing."

  • But the now TikTok-famous mom isn't fazed.

    Of all the hoopla over her handiwork, she told Jam Press: "I don't read most of the comments on any of the videos where it's been shared, which is sad because I know there's probably a lot of sweet and positive comments. But for mental health reasons, it's best to just not even read any to avoid the bad. How sad is that? People can be so cruel on the internet."

    The TikTok-loving mom concluded, "We are thankful for our beautiful daughter and the ability to have fun and create and share to brighten other people's days."