Grandma Insists That Mom Cheated After Seeing Newborn Son's Curly Hair & Won't Let It Go



Getting along with your prospective in-laws isn't always easy. In fact, sometimes it's downright impossible. Things were so bad for one woman that her boyfriend's mother started a rumor that their son had a different biological father -- all because the baby boy had curly hair.

  • It all started "way back" in 2017, when the original poster's (OP) son was born.

    For context, the OP wrote in her post on Reddit that "I’m half-black, but you’d never know it from just looking at me."

    She has wavy hair that’s thin "because of my dad’s genes, so I essentially just look like a very tanned white woman." And her boyfriend was pale with straight, blonde hair.

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  • As a newborn, her son was happy and healthy, which was all that mattered to the mom.

    But P.S.: He also had "very light skin like his dad, but he ended up with extremely curly hair from my side of the family."

  • Those curly locks, unfortunately, didn't sit right with grandma.

    Months after her grandson was born, her boyfriend's mother started talking about the OP behind her back "and telling people that she thought I had cheated on her son with a black man."

    Which, of course, was not the case, and the OP was livid.

    "I wanted to walk up to her, slap her right across the face, and tell her to burn in h--l," she wrote.

  • The OP decided not to take action -- instead, she played the long game.

    She's not sure if it was because she too tired to dig in for a fight (new baby and all) "or the fact that I’d just given up," but the new mom decided not to go on the offensive. In the long term, she believes that it worked in her favor "because the rumors died down once people realized that she was full of [expletive]."

  • One guess on how this relationship ended up.

    If you guessed "breakup," you'd be correct! The OP said she broke things off not just because her ex was "an insufferable momma’s boy" but specifically because she didn't want to deal with his mother anymore, either.

    "I’m much happier now, and I’m living a good life with my son," she added.

  • In the comments, people could barely believe this grandmother.

    "Sometimes, actually most times, people who do such crappy things aren’t even worth the energy to express your anger to them," one person commented.

    "You can't decide on the genetic makeup of your kids," a second person agreed.

    "What?! Was he expecting carbon copies of himself to pop out?!" a third commenter exclaimed.

    It seems like the best thing that happened to the OP was ditching her boyfriend -- and his mother -- for good.