This Ingenious 'Onesie Hack' Is the Perfect Solution for Wiggly Babies


This Ingenious 'Onesie Hack' Is the Perfect Solution For Wiggly Babies

I think even an Olympic athlete can contest that you never sweat as much as you do as when you are changing a baby's diaper. Those little buggers can be wiggly, and it's a feat to get them to stay still and manage to not get yourself (or them) covered in pee or poop.

That is why moms across the planet are absolutely losing it over this simple but ingenious hack.

  • In a quick video, the mother of a small infant rolls up her baby's onesie and burritos the baby's arms in it.

    She then snaps the back part of the onesie to the front part, to keep the baby's arms contained and secure. It is a pain-free way to restrain them while keeping flailing hands away from messy areas.

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  • TikToker and mom Erin Bies recorded her reaction to this genius hack, which is making the rounds on the internet. 

    I mean, truly, how freakin' smart is this, and why are we just leaning about it!?

  • Bies went ahead and shared it to her Facebook page, were everyone verbalized the mom's physical reaction. 

    In fact, more than 50K people took to the comments section to express just how "shook" they were over it too. 

    One mom wrote: "Seriously all this time and 5 kids later I never knew this."

  • Other moms decided to try and give it a go to see if it would work for their babies.

    And a ton of them, even moms of slightly older kids, had some success!

  • Of course, it isn't totally foolproof.

    If you have an extra wiggly kid, be prepared for your little maverick to bust free. We all know someone who has kids that wiggle so much that even a straight jacket couldn't deter them.

    All in all, if you're looking for some potential diaper disaster relief, this is an easy one to try.