Did You Like the Doctor Who Delivered Your Baby?

photo by All4my3boys

I had a great pregnancy. No health problems. I wasn't uncomfortable. I could sleep. The baby was doing great. My biggest problem? My doctor. I was going to the OB/GYN that I had been going to for about 10 years, the same one who delivered my three nieces. Everything was good until we had our labor plan talk and I realized how completely wrong we were for each other. I told her my wishes and I could tell she was just humoring me when she agreed to them. She wanted to induce me. I didn't want to be induced.


And every visit after I made that clear she'd say, "So when I induce you ..." Argh. I desperately tried to get a new doctor or midwife, but no one in all of New York City would take me. My baby was due around the holidays and I guess they already had their vacation and delivery schedules planned for that time of year.

So I had to stick with my doctor and had a labor and delivery completely unlike what I wanted—and it was solely because of her. It makes me sad that the memory of my daughter's birth is tied to that woman and what she put my husband and me through. She was a bully. Yes, I have a beautiful, healthy daughter. But I would have had one anyway. If I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again, I wouldn't go to her in a million years.

How about you? Did you like the doctor or midwife who delivered your baby?

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