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  • I thought I was doing the right thing for my baby. I was reassured by multiple moms in mom groups that it was safe.

    Savannah Struchen
    Provided by Savannah Struchen

    I didn't think about the dangers, even though I'd been warned, even though I'd been educated by doctors and nurses on safe sleep, even though my husband and I argued almost every night about it.

    He's not my husband anymore.

    My other two children have now been adopted by another family.

    I lost everything -- just because I took that risk.

    I ask every mom who reads this who still bedshares, intends to bedshare, or is on the fence between bedsharing and safe sleep -- do you REALLY want to take that risk of a very tiny variable killing your baby -- a variable you cannot control because you will be ASLEEP? Do you REALLY think you can beat the odds? Are you REALLY that comfortable with the lifelong guilt and grief you will carry?

    I wish I hadn't taken that risk. I wish I'd listened. Please listen to me and don't let Abby's death be in vain.

    ~ RIP Abigail Brooklynn Hensley ... fly high baby girl. 11/10/16 - 01/21/17 ~

    This post was republished with permission and was written by Savannah Struchen.