20 Spooky Outfits for Babies Celebrating Their First Halloween

Mandy Velez | Sep 19, 2019 Baby
20 Spooky Outfits for Babies Celebrating Their First Halloween
Image: ABC Kids

Mama Is My Boo onesie
ABC Kids

Baby's first Halloween is a big deal. OK, baby's first anything is a big deal, to parents, at least. But a baby celebrating her first holiday is something special. Halloween isn't a day that means a lot for everyone, but lots of people really do love the day, and spooky season in general. It's truly a vibe. Yes, there's the scary stuff, the tricks, like monsters and ghosts. But there's also the treats: candy bars, the controversial candy corn, and the movies. In the same way that these Halloween enthusiasts may hit up Target or anther store to appropriately decorate for Halloween, some parents want to make sure their kids are in the spirit, too. Or maybe even along with them. It can be especially fun if there's a new baby celebrating his first pumpkin season.

Why, one may ask? Well, to start, Halloween is the time of year where the usual rules for both decor and fashion do not apply. Yes, people wear costumes on the day (there's even mommy and me costume ideas!) and that's amazing, as is the influx of candy and actually perfect weather. But pretty much from September until the end of October, pumpkins, ghosts, black, orange, and other Halloween-themed clothes and accessories come out to play. So in addition to costumes, wearing earrings that are shaped liked witch hats and black cat patterned yoga pants are all fair game. Of course, babies are lucky, they get to wear funny or punny (hehe) onesies or clothing year-round. But Halloween is when things really get interesting.

For people who can't wait to hit the pumpkin patch and cover their stairs railings with fake cobwebs, dressing a baby in a 'Ween costume is the most fun. Plus, the kitschy outfits are just so darn cute. It's a kind of cute that can't happen on Christmas or Chanukah. To help out in this, because we support holiday cheer, we found some of the cutest, funniest and spookiest onesies and baby outfits out there. From puns, lots of puns, to cute ghosts and classic Halloween movies references, these outfits are sure to get baby (and parents) in the spirit. 

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  • Candy Corn Bodysuit

    Candy Corn onesie

    Candy corn -- love it or hate it -- is undeniably a staple in the Halloween cultural canon. Let baby make the case for it being sweet with this onesie. 

    Candy Corn Bodysuit ($15, Gap)

  • Skeleton One-Piece Onesie


    When one thinks of Halloween, ghosts and candy come to mind, and skeletons should, too. This onesie turns baby into a mini skeleton, but with a cute little heart, of course.

    Skeleton One-Piece Onesie ($10, Old Navy)

  • Baby Pumpkin Onesie


    Pumpkins and Halloween go together like peanut butter and jelly, so turn the little one into one for the holiday. This jack-o-lantern onesie is simple but classic.

    Baby Pumpkin Onesie ($8, Amazon)

  • Mama Is My Boo Onesie


    Onesies often call it like it is in the punniest of ways and this Halloween "Mama is my Boo" one does the trick. It also comes with a beanie hat and monster pants.

    Mama Is My Boo Onesie ($27, ABC Kids)

  • 'My 1st Halloween' Hooded Jumpsuit


    Firsts are meant to be celebrated, and this hooded Halloween jumpsuit makes it easy. It says "My 1st Halloween" while rocking the season's orange-and-black combo.

    "My 1st Halloween" Hooded Jumpsuit ($17, Google Shopping)

  • Nightmare Before Bedtime Bodysuit


    Parents who are Nightmare Before Christmas fans will love this Nightmare-themed onesie bodysuit. It also comes with black and white striped pants, in case it's chilly.

    Nightmare Before Bedtime Bodysuit ($24, PatPat)

  • It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus Onesie


    If onesies don't reference pop culture, what are they good for? This onesie sure does for the Hocus Pocus fans out there. 

    It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus Onesie ($10, GKGDesignsByJennier/Etsy)

  • 'Don't Scare Me' Onesie


    Onesies are funny sometimes, and there's no rule that says Halloween onesies can't be funny. This one is particularly laughable, mostly because it's true.

    "Don't Scare Me" Onesie ($14, SweetTCapri/Etsy)

  • Lil' Pumpkin Onesie


    Sometimes less is more and good thing, because script onesies are both adorable and chic. this one is ready for spooky season as it comes in black and mentions a pumpkin.

    Lil' Pumpkin Onesie ($16, CamandCharlie/Etsy)

  • 'Made a Monster' Bodysuit


    Speaking of onesies telling it like it is, this one speaks truth about the little monster. Hey, monsters are Halloween-themed, it works!

    "Made a Monster" Bodysuit ($8, BuyBuyBaby)

  • 'I Vant to Suck Your Boob' Onesie


    Forget blood, this little vampire vants to suck the boob! It's a simple onesie, but another that'll give whoever sees baby a chuckle. It's not scary, except to mom, maybe.

    I Vant to Suck Your Boob Onesie ($13, Amazon)

  • Scary Movie Halloween Onesie


    For parents who are into scary movies and the spookiest aspects of Halloween, this onesie awesomely features some of horror movies' biggest players. From Scream to Jason, it'll send shivers up some spines for sure.

    Scary Movie Halloween Onesie ($12, Amazon)

  • Fa-BOO-lous Jumpsuit 


    If fashionable and cute is more of the goal than scary, then this onesie is perfect. It features an adorable ghost that is saying "fa-boo-lous" and it doesn't get any more fabulous than that. 

    Fa-BOO-lous Jumpsuit ($20, Amazon)

  • Mummy Glow-in-the-Dark Jumpsuit Set


    Mommy's little mummy! He or she will be in this jumpsuit which comes with a little beanie hat for the full effect. Bonus: It's glow-in-the-dark!

    Mummy Glow-In-The-Dark Jumpsuit Set ($22, Macy's)

  • Boo-Gie Glow-in-the-Dark Cotton Bodysuit


    Ghosts love to boogie, obviously. That's what make this black onesie that much cuter. Whether it means dancing, or producing boogies, it's all true.

    Boo-Gie Glow-In-The-Dark Cotton Bodysuit ($14, Macy's)

  • Skulls & Flowers 4 Piece Set


    For a little part spooky and another part sweet, this Lavendersun onesie and pant set is simply precious. The skulls make it seasonal, of course, and it comes with a headpiece bow and beanie.

    Skulls And Flowers 4 Piece Set ($18, Lavendersun)

  • Black Cat Sleeper


    Black cats aren't just any old animal, they're a way of life. They're most represented around Halloween, but it should only be because they're so darn cute.

    Black Cat Sleeper ($11, Hallmark Baby)

  • Hoodie Skull 2 Piece


    OK, so for those really looking to go hard on the Nightmare Before Christmas theme, this Halloween season, may we suggest this appropriate hoodie and pants set.

    Hoodie Skull 2 Piece ($19, Lavendersun)

  • Skull Child 4 Piece Set


    If Halloween is intended to just be a scary time for enthusiasts out there, this skull outfit is the way to go. Yes, it's still adorable, but the skulls are abundant.  

    Skull Child 4 Piece Set ($19, Lavendersun)

  • Spooky Smuggle This Muggle 3 Piece Set


    Of course, this wouldn't be a complete or substantial list if a Harry Potter reference wasn't included, so here we go. A Halloween-season outfit that reads "Snuggle This Muggle."

    Spooky Smuggle This Muggle 3 Piece Set ($19, Lavendersun)

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