Double Duty, Times Two: One Mom's Hacks For Getting Through 24 Hours With Twin Baby Boys

One mom, two baby boys. It’s safe to say that Rachel Holmyard has her hands full. And she wouldn’t have it any other way! 

That’s not to say that life can’t get a little, well, complicated. Rachel’s adorable 1-year-old twins take up pretty much all of her attention, and when dad isn’t around, it means she’s basically doing double the double duty.  “I don’t always have a free hand or free time,” she says. “And you know what they say -- it takes a village to raise a child.” 

So it takes an even larger village (a small city, perhaps?) to raise two children, which is why Rachel has developed an array of handy hacks and streamlined systems to get through her busy day. Plus, she can always rely on her Amazon Echo and Alexa for an assist when she needs it most.

One of Rachel’s best pieces of advice to moms of twins is to sync up the babies’ naps so that they’re on the same sleep schedule. Two happily sleeping baby boys = one very happy mama. Pro tip: She calls on her Amazon Echo and Alexa to play some soothing lullabies to make nap time even more stress-free!

Next up: lunch! Feeding one baby is always an event, but when you’ve got two babies to feed, it’s more of an Olympian feat. It’s a good thing they’re so cute! Rachel meal preps the boys’ lunches ahead of time, so that once they’re awake and hungry, she doesn’t have to worry about scrambling to pull together a nutritious meal. And if the boys make a mess (OK, let’s be real -- when they make a mess), she just asks her Amazon Echo and Alexa to add more paper towels to her online shopping cart.

Check out this episode of Truth Bomb Moms for Rachel’s pro tips for multi-tasking and making the most of her quality time with her two favorite little guys. 

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