20 Things Every Mom Needs For Baby's First Beach Trip

Mandy Velez | Jun 12, 2019 Baby
20 Things Every Mom Needs For Baby's First Beach Trip
Image: @LIGHTITUP via Twenty20

@LIGHTITUP via Twenty20

Beaches and babies seem to go together, although there is no actual correlation. There's that baby on the sunscreen bottle and almost every family seems to have a photos of the kids at the beach as babies. Some folks would say babies and beaches don't actually mix. There's sand drool and sunscreen in the eyes and, OK, basically just sand. But it is possible to have a great time at the beach with little ones. It's arguably even easier the younger they are, as they just go wherever they're put down -- on a blanket, in a playpen or tent. It's all about being prepared. First, it's important to manage the sand using a few smart hacks, like water shoes and spray bottles with clean, non-sandy water.

Next, there are a ton of hacks to get through the harder parts of the trip. Those include packing snacks in a tote, going early or later, and wrapping valuables in a diaper. But those are most helpful when the things are already packed and ready to go. If it's baby's first trip to the beach, what exactly should mom pack? Packing for an adult is not quite the same as packing for a baby. There's the matter of different food, extra clothes, that whole diaper thing and all that jazz. 

If LO's first trip is coming up, we have a list to help get it off without a hitch. There's the basics, like wipes, and then there's less obvious items, such as wet bags, water shoes, and a shaded beach tent. When it comes to the beach, it's better to be over-prepared than underprepared. It's just for kids in general, so it shouldn't be too hard. Just be careful with that sand. 

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