Mom Takes a Stand & Won't Let Dad Be Alone With Baby Because He Smokes Stojanovic

man smoking Stojanovic

We all want to protect our kids, but how far would you go to keep your child from inhaling secondhand smoke? That's the debate one mom raised after she admitted that she doesn't allow her partner who smokes to watch their 7-month-old daughter alone because of his habit. Since revealing her parenting decision online, she's received a ton of backlash from people who think she's being over-protective -- instead of support from those who understand where she's coming from. 

  • In her anonymous post, the mom admits that she's had an extreme reaction to her partner's "nasty" habit but she's worried about secondhand smoke.

    In addition to not leaving them alone, she also banned her partner from taking her daughter anywhere solo unless he has her permission first. In a post that has since been deleted from Reddit. According to The Daily Mailthe mom originally wrote, "I've been told that I'm too precious with her since the day she was born, but it is being brought up in every single argument and I've had enough!"

    Which is why she's taken the firm stand. "I simply don't see a reason for him to take her anywhere," she continued, according to Heart. "It's not like he wants to go for a walk with her, all he ever asked was to take her to his parents (who smoke)."

    The mom then listed a string of other issues in their relationship, which is why she argued that he was only forcing the issue of taking their daughter to his parents' house to be "spiteful" and "the only purpose [of the trip] is to force me into being away from her," she added. She continued that her partner never gives her daughter a bath or changes her diaper, which is why they mom can't understand his need to take care of the girl without her.

    She added that she wonders why her partner doesn't "appreciate the good job I'm doing?"  

    "I KNOW I'm precious with her, no doubt!" she continued. "But I think it's a good thing and I wish he would appreciate me being a good mother rather than making me look like a lunatic."

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  • People online were quick to slam the mom and told her that she was overreacting.

    "You sound like a total psychopath," one parent wrote in the comments. "If my wife tried to keep me from spending alone-time with my son (she wouldn't, she's not a psychopath) I would divorce her and seek custody."

    "He’s the dad," another commenter added. "He should be able to take the baby whenever he wants. I would agree with no homes that are smoked in, but he should be able to take the baby without you there. You sound a little obsessed with your kid."

    "He is her father. Why can’t he take her places? She is half of him," wrote another commenter online.

  • But others took mom's side and agreed that her husband was in the wrong.

    "Why the [expletive] would you a) stay in a relationship with someone like this and b) make a baby with them. Holy [expletive]," one commenter wrote.

    "Honestly, you two need counseling," added another commenter. "I’m not so sure this relationship is a good one to raise a child in. I think you need to really think about whether or not you should be with this man... because you seem really frustrated to be with him. You clearly don’t trust him at all, and don’t want him around your daughter. Why did you have a kid with him if you were having so many issues before?"

    "Wow red flag," a third commenter wrote. "That’s not okay. He hasn’t done anything for the baby? [Go] change a diaper, take them places."

    In the end, the mom might want to consider counseling to help set boundaries and work through her issues with her husband. And here's hoping that the hubby gives up smoking for good!