20 Bouncers to Soothe Fussy Babies

Mandy Velez | Jun 12, 2019 Baby
20 Bouncers to Soothe Fussy Babies
Image: @alopezc72 via Twenty20

@alopezc72 via Twenty20

Babies and sleep are interesting territory. On one hand, babies do sleep a lot. They're little after all, and it just takes a lot of energy being in the world! Especially a world they had no idea about just a few months ago. Then, on the other hand, it seems that babies don't really sleep for a plethora of reasons. Teething, gas, hunger. They never seem to want to sleep when their moms want them to. There's tons of sleep tricks out there for mom to try and one of them -- along with rockers and swings -- is a baby bouncer. A baby bouncer simulates a soothing, repetitive motion that lulls the kiddo to sleep, kind of like the way a car might. There's something about being in motion that makes everyone, adults included, nod off!

Babies are no different, which is why plenty of moms take advantage of the invention that can buy them more time in the form of calming their baby. Think of all the things mom could accomplish with a relaxed or sleeping baby sitting in a bouncer. Dishes can get done, the house will become quiet, all while baby feels like she's either on a dessert island or the best car ride of her life. (Honestly, can there be bouncers for adults?) Anyway, bouncers are great and there are tons of variations to choose from. Some allow mom to control the bounce, while others are automatic. Almost all come with some sort of toy for baby to stare off at as she drifts off into sleep or at least some sort of calm oblivion. 

Another cool thing about bouncers? Some can perform other functions, too. Some stay low to the ground while others can be elevated. Some are even rockers at the same time. Plus, they come in many styles. Because hey, if it's going to be in the house it might as well fit in. Take a look at the bouncers below and choose one that fits baby best.

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