36 Beautiful Baby Names Inspired by the Beach

Kaitlin Stanford | Jul 2, 2019 Baby
36 Beautiful Baby Names Inspired by the Beach
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Toddler boy sits in sand on beach

Who doesn't love the beach? The beauty of watching the sunset over the ocean while walking along the shore. The calming sound of the waves rushing in and retreating, over and over again. The sight of the seagulls that fly overhead and squall as they gracefully come in for a landing. A quiet beach can be one of the most serene and tranquil places there is on Earth, reminding beachgoers of just how beautiful nature truly is -- especially where the land meets the sea. It's no wonder some parents choose to give their children names inspired by the beach. Laid-back, earthy names evoke a sense of calm and oneness with nature -- and best of all, they're not topping the baby name charts.

For those who grew up playing along the sandy shores or surfing the waves -- or maybe just love a name with a cool, coastal vibe -- these baby names bring a distinctive quality that'll set them apart. Especially from other overused monikers we've all heard a million times before. After all, there can only be so many Michaels and Aidens and Emmas and Olivias on the kindergarten roster, amiright? Beach-inspired names can also carry with them some deeper meanings, pay homage to beloved, faraway places, or simply evoke a calm, serene feeling. (Something that might not exactly jive once that calm, serene baby becomes a wild, tantrum-throwing toddler, but hey -- Mom and Dad can dream.) Looking for a beach-inspired name for a future baby girl or boy? Scroll on for ideas that might just feel perfect.


    Girl in bikini on beach

    Ariel actually means "lion of God," and can be used for both boys and girls. But let's be real -- we all know (and love) it from The Little Mermaid, making it the perfect name for any future beach-lover. (And even more perfect if she's got red hair!)


    Little girl lays on the beach, smiling

    This exotic name means "blue" in French, and is often used to describe the beautiful color of the ocean or sky. It's been used for both boys and girls, making it a nice gender-neutral baby name that's still beachy.

  • BLUE

    Girl looking at blue ocean water

    Speaking of all things blue ... Jay-Z and Beyoncé put the name "Blue" on the map. But when it comes to celebrity baby names, this one's more beautiful than ... well, weird. For parents who may want a name inspired by the beach, but not so literal, the name Blue can conjure up thoughts of the sky or the ocean, and works perfectly as a middle name.


    Young black girl plays in sand on the beach

    The coral reefs that line the ocean floor are more than just pretty pink creatures that make for gorgeous underwater photographs. They actually play a huge part in keeping the ecosystem alive. (And believe it or not, they're not plants -- they're living animals!)

    But if Coral feels a bit too literal for a baby name, why not try Cora? It's every bit as beautiful.

  • COVE

    Toddler boy sits in the sand on a beach

    Cove is definitely unusual (good luck finding it on the kindergarten roster for any other kids!). According to Dictionary.com, it means a small sheltered bay. In other words: A place of rest. If that's not a calming, serene name for a little boy, we don't know what is.


    Young boy in orange shirt plays on the beach

    People name their kids after cities and towns all the time -- so why not Dover? Perhaps most noticeably, it's a seaport city in Kent, England. But most probably think of the White Cliffs of Dover, which overlook the gorgeous coast and are iconic for being landmarks of safety among sailors. 

    The White Cliffs of Dover is also a romantic movie from 1944, starring Irene Dunne (which makes the name even more of a classic, doesn't it?).

  • FINN

    Blonde boy looks back while standing in front of the ocean

    When we think of the name Finn, a slew of fictional characters tend to spring to mind -- from Huckleberry Finn to Finn from Star Wars. But according to the Baby Name Wizard, the name Finn is Anglicized version of the Irish name Fionn, which was borne from Finn McCool, who's mentioned in many Irish legends.

  • KAI

    Boy smiles as he wades in the water

    Kai is one of those laid-back, cool guy names that's bound to belong to a future surfer. It has multiple meanings, including "forgiveness" in Japanese, but it's mostly known for meaning "sea" in Hawaiian.


    Little girl plays on beach

    Darya (sometimes spelled Daria), means "kingly of the sea," though there's nothing "kingly" about it. It's actually a Persian girls' name with a distinctive and exotic flair.



    The Welsh name Dylan has been popular for decades (hello, Dylan McKay!), but did you know it means "son of the sea"? It's also a great gender-neutral option, though it's less commonly used for girls.

  • DUNE

    Blonde-haired little girl on the beach

    Dune is a girls' name, according to Nameberry, which describes it as "a haunting and evocative sandy-beach name," referring to a sand dune. Not totally sold on it as a first name? It also works great as a middle name.

  • HALI

    Young girl on sandy beach looks out over a rocky shore

    A beautiful alternative to the more traditional Hailey, Hali means "sea," according to Nameberry. Unusual and feminine, it's lovely flow also offers a nice middle name option.


    Little boy on beach

    Seriously -- how cute is the name Hurley? Any Lost fans out there might think of the beloved character from the ABC series when they hear this name, but hey, is that such a bad thing? The Irish name means "sea tide," and has even been used for girls from time to time.


    Boy walks on beach with dad

    Irving may not immediately drum up thoughts of the beach, but believe it or not, it actually means "friend of the sea." It's also been the name of countless famous and creative men throughout history, including photographer Irving Penn and songwriter Irving Berlin. It was also the last name of the writer and diplomat Washington Irving, who famously wrote the "Rip van Winkle" stories.

  • ISLA


    Isla Fisher is probably the best-known Isla out there, though this name has actually been around for ages. Believe it or not, the pretty girls' name is actually derived from the Scottish island of Islay.


    Girl in pink dress jumping in sand

    Kailani means "sea and sky" in Hawaiian, which conjures up so many images of walking along one of Hawaii's well-known beaches and watching the sun set where the water meets the sky. As a name, it's bohemian and earthy in all the right ways.

  • KENT

    Boy sitting on rocks of the coast

    The historic county of Kent in southeast England is home to many coastal towns with beautiful cottages and harbor-side fish markets. As a boys' name it offers a distinguished option that works well as a middle name or first.


    Little girl in blue bathing suit on the beach

    This baby girl name is a no-brainer for parents who love open waters and the beauty of the deep blue sea. In Greek, Oceana means "ocean," but in recent years, French parents have been tweaking the spelling to Oceane (pronounced oh-she-ANN) for a chic alternative.


    Mother lifts her son into the air while walking on the beach

    Looking for something beach-inspired that isn't quite so literal? Perth is an earthy sort of name, and perfect for anyone who's ever traveled to Perth, Australia, and absolutely fallen in love with its beautiful, sandy beaches. (Though interestingly, the boys' name actually originated in Perth, Scotland, where it is said to mean "thornbush thicket," according to Nameberry.)


    Little girl dancing in ocean water

    Maris is a strong, earthy name with a bit of an edge. The unusual yet classic moniker has Latin roots and means "of the sea," which makes it perfect for parents who are trying to go for an unusual, yet appealing name. 

  • MAYA

    Young girl smiles while wading into the water

    In Indian mythology, Maya is the name of the goddess Devi; but it also has Hebrew, Spanish, and Greek origins, meaning "water." Exotic and mystical-sounding, it's a nice option for subtly weaving in an ocean theme with a name that's trendy yet classic.


    Girl attempts to surf

    The name "Moana" might bring to mind thoughts of the popular Disney movie (and cue the hums of "How Far I'll Go"), but the truth is, the Polynesian name has been around for centuries. It's been used for both girls and boys, as its true meaning is genderless: It means "ocean."


    Girl sits on beach in bikini

    The name Morgan might not bring up thoughts of the beach (if anything, it's more closely tied to the surname of the wealthy Morgan family). But the Welsh name, which is often used for both boys and girls, actually means "sea-born," making it a nice option for a moniker that pays homage to white sandy shores.

  • NAIA

    Little girl on beach in hat

    Naia is another Hawaiian name meaning "to flow," which makes sense considering the beautiful way it rolls off the tongue. But in Basque it means "wave" or "sea foam," giving it a more beachy, sea-loving vibe.

  • NORI

    Seaweed laying on beach

    If the name Nori sounds familiar, it's probably because reality star Kim Kardashian uses it as a nickname for her firstborn daughter, North. Believe it or not though, the sweet-sounding girls' name, which has Japanese origins, actually means "seaweed," which commonly washes ashore on the beach. 

  • ROCK

    Boy near rocky shore

    Rocky beaches line some of the most beautiful coastal shores in the world. So why not glean some inspiration from them for a baby name? Rock, or even Rocco, can be a nice alternative to Stone, and still has that beachy, earthy vibe. The name itself means "to rest," which certainly evokes the calming, relaxing vibe that being near the ocean brings.


    Mom holding her son on the beach.

    We tend to think of Ronan as a strong and bold name, but the true meaning behind this Irish name is actually rather sweet. It means "little seal" -- one of the sea's gentlest creatures, which are found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


    Little girl stands on beach near boat

    Ahoy, matey! The name Sailor has been increasingly popular for girls in recent years, and is perfect for anyone who wants a gender-neutral name that evokes all things nautical.

  • SEA

    Girl smiles on the beach

    The girls' name Sea means ... well, quite literally Sea. Gorgeous, simple, and classic, the name Sea isn't one that typically makes the top baby name lists, but it's beautiful and trendy all the same.


    Little boy holds a fishing pole on a beach

    Seaton isn't a name we hear often -- except perhaps as a surname. But in English, its original meaning is said to be "town by the sea," which gives it a laid-back, coastal vibe.


    Night sky lit up with stars

    The only thing better than a walk on the beach? A walk on the beach at night, beneath a sky filled with stars. The name Stella is a beautiful, earthy option that's been popular with parents in both Greece and Italy, and well-known since the days of Shakespeare.


    Boy plays with stones on beach

    When we think of the beach, we tend to think of long stretches of soft sand. But so many of the Earth's beaches are rocky ones, with beautifully smooth stones that have been brought in by the ocean waves and are just waiting to be brought home in your pocket. 

    The name Stone is perfect for parents who want a baby boy name that conjures strength and confidence.