18 Baby Carrier Products for Moms on the Go

Mandy Velez | Jun 5, 2020 Baby
18 Baby Carrier Products for Moms on the Go
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Moms often worry about bonding with their babies, but there's already many things she does to bond. Some of those things include skin-to-skin contact, feeding, and looking into LO's eyes. If more bonding is wanted by mamas, or more skin-to-skin contact, wearable baby carriers are a solid solution. They hold the baby close to mom's skin and create a soothing environment for everyone. One study has shown that babywearing can also reduce baby's crying, which definitely is a plus for mom. Of course, bonding isn't the only reason to be researching slings, wraps, or carriers. Sometimes, it just makes more sense for baby to be held on mom's chest or back. It frees up her hands and she can become more mobile than she would having to push a stroller around or haul carrier in and out of stores or offices. 

Now the world of babywearing isn't as simple as throwing a baby in a carrier. There's lots of things to consider for both mama and child. For one, safety. Babywearing products should come with some sort of safety assurance. They should also fit in a way that will be most ergonomic for a mother's back -- and for baby to be comfortable. There's also different kind of baby wearing items to choose from that fulfill different needs. Some are full-on carriers with lots of storage and support. Others, like slings and wraps, are more lightweight and simple. We took all of the above into consideration when compiling the list below so that moms know what's out there and can choose what will fit exactly what they're looking for. (And their baby.)

No matter what, though, just don't say these things to a babywearing mama. And if you must, the answers can be found here.

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  • Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier


    Looking for a carrier on the simpler, smaller side? The Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier makes a good choice. It's a wearable that is "Best suitable" for newborns and to keep LO close during those early bonding moments.  

    Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier ($80, Albee Baby)

  • Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier


    There's four different ways to wear the Infantino Flip convertible carrier and each of them ensures mamas hands are free. Those positions include wearing baby in the front, on the back (for babies and toddlers), or facing frontward.

    Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier ($28.99, Walmart)

  • Solly Baby Wrap


    Get extra close to baby with a silky smooth baby wrap from Solly. It can fit newborns up to babies who are 9 months old and includes a "self-enclosing" pocket.

    Solly Baby Wrap ($65, Nordstrom)

  • Aura Baby Wrap Grey Stripes


    The Aura baby wrap is ideal for "beginner" baby wrappers as it features a guiding edge on the one-piece "breathable" wrap. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has acknowledged it as a "hip healthy" product.

    Aura Baby Wrap Grey Stripes ($50, ErgoBaby)

  • The Ezra Wrap Stripe


    This wrap from Tuck & Bundle isn't like the others, in fact, it's made with Lenzing micromodal instead of cotton, which makes it a strong and lightweight choice for summer. It has been safety tested in the US, where it is manufactured. 

    The Ezra Wrap ($67, Tuck and Bundle Shop)

  • Baby K'tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier


    The Baby K'tan OG baby wrap carrier is technically a wrap but doesn't require too much wrapping. It comes ready-to-wear and slips on like a T-shirt. 

    Baby K'tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier ($49.99, Target)

  • Nesting Days Newborn Carrier


    The baby won't be the only thing clinging to mom while she wears the Nesting Days Newborn Carrier thanks to its four-way stretch compression characteristics. 

    Nesting Days Newborn Carrier ($98, Nesting Days)

  • Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier


    The Infantino Cuddle carrier supports baby's hips as they are seated in the "M" position. Moms will also be comfortable with the adjustable straps and wide waist belt. Bonus: It comes with a teddy bear hood. 

    Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier ($40, Walmart)

  • Soothe Shirt Simple Gray


    The Lalabu Soothe Shirt, according to the description, is a babywearing tank that fits seamlessly with most wardrobe choices. It also has a "built-in nursing bra for mom and cozy carrying pouch for baby." 

    Soothe Shirt Simple Gray ($75, Lalabu)

  • Infantino Sash Wrap & Mei Tie Carrier


    Carry baby in sweet style with the Infantino carrier featuring a sash wrap. It carries the child in three different positions (front, back, or hip) while seated in a natural position. 

    Infantino Sash Wrap Tie Carrier ($36.62, Walmart)

  • Boppy ComfyFit Carrier


    The Boppy ComfortFit Carrier is comfortable, but it's just as supportive as its counterparts. It also has a stash-and-go pouch to store small items in close reach. 

    Boppy ComfyFit Carrier ($70, Target)

  • Lillebaby Complete Airflow Baby Carrier


    The Lillebaby goes above and beyond with six different carrier positions that can support a child from infancy to the toddler years. Its "unique, bucket seat shape features adjustable side panels that widen or narrow the seat base."

    Lillebaby Complete Airflow Baby Carrier ($125, BuyBuyBaby)

  • Dad Shirt Simple Gray


    Dads can wear babies, too, and that's what the Lalaby Dad's shirt to wear his baby is for. Or for a mom who simply likes less-fitted shirt. 

    Dad Shirt Simple Gray ($75, Lalabu)

  • Moby Wrap Evolution Baby Carrier


    For a supported hold on  baby, moms will enjoy the Moby Wrap Evolution Baby Carrier. This one has no buckles, snaps, or buttons to worry about.

    Moby Wrap Evolution Baby Carrier ($50, BuyBuyBaby)

  • Ergobaby 360 Bundle of Joy Infant Carrier


    The Ergobaby 360 Bundle of Joy Carrier can comfortably carry baby in four different positions. This one comes with an infant insert that "mimics the snug soothing feeling of the womb."

    Ergobaby 360 Bundle of Joy Infant Carrier ($100, AlbeeBaby)

  • Lillebaby 6 Position Complete Airflow Baby Carrier


    On-the-go mamas, the Lillebaby Complete Airflow Baby Carrier comes with six positions for baby to go anywhere and comfortably with its ventilated material. It's design supports "signature lumbar support, two-way shoulder straps, and unique bucket seat that adjusts to fit babies safely."

    Lillebaby  6 Position Complete Airflow Baby Carrier ($87.99, Target)

  • Wild Bird Sparrow


    The Wild Bird Sparrow baby carrier is made of 100% linen and designed to wear baby closer without all of the extra hardware. It's a product made for mothers, by mothers, as all of the carriers are hand-sewn by mothers in Utah.  

    Wild Bird Sparrow ($60, Wild Bird)

  • Maya Wrap Padded Ring Sling


    Tie a sling baby wrap in a way that feels most comfortable for mom and baby. It is adjustable to mom and baby with no complex wrapping and an easily accessible pocket. 

    Maya Wrap Padded Ring Sling ($80, Amazon)

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