Get 40% Off of a First-Time Amazon Order of Similac Pro-Total Comfort Formula



Formula moms know that formula is essentially liquid gold. The price on these cans of necessary nutrition for our little ones can be sky-high, and our wallets long for the day we can check it off of our grocery list. 

I don't have a laundry list of incredible parenting "wins," but one of the smartest things I ever did as a formula mom was sign up for an Amazon subscription of formula -- I never ran out, and there was always a little satisfaction in paying a slightly lower price for buying in bulk.

  • If this sounds like an ingenious idea, you're gonna love this opportunity. 

    If you clip the 40 percent off coupon, you can get three huge cans of Similac Pro-Total Comfort Formula for just $125. And if you subscribe and save, you can enjoy a regular 5 to 15 percent off the regular price. It typically lasts a month and comes with 50 percent more in each can. And considering how much formula one can go through, that is a steal.

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  • And if you're worried about investing all of this money only to end up with baby not liking it, don't worry. 

    You can order a trial size (though supplies are limited). 

  • When raising a kid, every little extra penny counts, so why not take advantage of this sweet deal?

    Plus, it'll be really handy for those sleepy 2 a.m. feedings and knowing you don't have to run to the store at the last minute because you've run out! 

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