The Tooth Hurts: A Mom Gets Real About How She Handles Her Cranky, Teething Baby

Being a mom can be one of the most rewarding, exciting jobs in the world. But let’s be honest: It’s not always sunshine and giggles. In fact, as every mom knows, sometimes it really bites! Yep, we’re talking about teething. When a child is cutting his or her first little teeth, it can be tough on both mom and baby. No mother likes to see her child in pain, especially when she feels helpless to take it away. Plus, those pre-dawn wakeup calls aren’t exactly a picnic.

In this installment of Truth Bomb Moms, mother of two Erica Lasan gets real about life with her son Jaiyce, who is currently teething -- and none too happy about it. Ditto for mom. “When you’re sleeping and you wake up to the sound of your child screaming with discomfort and pain, you already know what time it is,” Erica says wryly. “Tooth time.”

Erica has an arsenal of tricks in her mom bag, including using cold fruit to sooth Jaiyce’s swollen gums, but they don’t work 100 percent of the time. When Jaiyce is especially fussy, and her tricks fail, she brings out her secret weapon. Erica swears by Baby Orajel™ Non-Medicated Cooling Gel, which she says instantly cools and soothes Jaiyce’s gums, and helps both mom and baby get back to sleep quickly.

And that’s a very good thing, because Erica is also mom to an active 2-year-old, so she can use every minute of sleep she can get! Check out the episode of Truth Bomb Moms below for Erica’s frank take on teething.

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