Does Your Baby Have a Bald Spot?

My baby has very little hair, but the hair she does have is spread evenly around her head. But some babies get a little bald patch. My niece had one right where she rubbed her head while she slept (she's got a full and gorgeous head of hair now).

Victoria McGee Walton was a Stay at Home Mom who had two babies. Both were born with full heads of hair, but later developed bald spots on the back of their heads. Victoria didn't like that so she decided to do something about it.


She invented the Infant Hair Protector, which is a satin headrest that you can put in your baby's crib, stroller, bouncer, and car seat to prevent him or her from going bald. The satin reduces the amount of friction caused by the many surfaces your baby's head rests against. Victoria tried it on her own baby and says that within 30 days the bald spot was no more. You can see some before and after shots of bald (and then not bald) babies at Baby Walton under infant baldness. The Infant Hair Protector comes in blue, pink, and cream and costs $24.99 at Baby Walton.

What do you think? Would you try it?

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