20 Diaper Bags Perfect for Twins

Mandy Velez | May 24, 2019 Baby
20 Diaper Bags Perfect for Twins
Image: Augi - Pannathorn Narksook/Wild Sky Media

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Augi - Pannathorn Narksook/Wild Sky Media

Mamas of multiples will tell it like it is: Having twins is a special journey. Double the babies means double the love, but it also means double the care, double the attention, and double the bottles, wipes, and other supplies. After all, twins are just like any other babies, there's just two of them. And well, OK, that can make a little bit of a difference in the needs of a mama of one versus two. How does one change one diaper alone if there's another baby? Does one wake up if another cries? 

With so many situations to navigate as the parent of twins, having a reliable diaper bag should be the easy part. Having a regular bag may no longer cut it for two babies. There's just too much "stuff." Luckily, makers of these diaper bags have caught on over the years and have either made bags bigger or designated designs just for twins, huzzah! 

So how does one choose a baby bag for twins? Well, to start, it should work with the needs of the babies and mom. Diaper bag hacks are so necessary, but they can only go so far with the number of things a twin mama needs to fit in them. Do they use many bottles? Or is space for mom's things most important? 

The bags rounded up below touch on these things in more. Almost all feature at least two exterior pockets for bottles, sometimes more. And many of them are waterproof and insulated. Others are big enough to fit anything a twin mama could need and attach to strollers or have the option to add body straps to free up hands and arms. And yes, diaper bags suitable for twins can be fashionable. In fact, with most of these, people won't be able to tell their diaper bags at all. But we can't promise to two babies nearby won't give it away.

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  • Cottcuboaba Diaper Bag


    The Cottcuboaba can be a backpack, handbag, or hanging stroller bag. The exterior part of the bag has a front pocket with three insulated spaces for bottles and two side pockets, including one for wipes.

    Cottcuboaba Travel Diaper Bag ($22, Walmart)

  • Maman Diaper Bag


    Twins means double bottles, which is why double pockets are a good idea. The Maman diaper bag has this feature along with eight other pockets for diapers, changing pads, and personal belongings. 

    Maman Diaper Bag ($55, Amazon)

  • Skip Hop Chelsea BackPack


    Twins can keep both hands full, but the stylish Pottery Barn backpack frees them up. It features two side pockets and a top easy-access pocket for personal items. Bonus: It's BPA- and phthalate-free.

    Skip Hop Chelsea Backpack ($100, Pottery Barn Kids)

  • Simply Chic Greenwich Diaper Tote


    Carting around two babies can be fashionable. Take it from this Skip Hop diaper bag that comes with two exterior storage pockets and a roomy interior with five more pockets. Attach to a stroller with clip-on stroller straps or use the included cross-body strap.

    Skip Hop Simply Chic Greenwich Diaper Tote ($100, Saks Fifth Avenue)

  • Bliss Bag Diaper Bag


    This Bag Bliss organizer backpack is exactly the kind of well-organized diaper bag that a mama of twins needs. It has 20 pockets, four of which are insulated.

    Bliss Diaper Bag Backpack ($60, Amazon)

  • Bably Baby Large Capacity Diaper Bag Backpack


    This one is for the always-prepared mamas out there. The Bably capacity backpack comes with multiple pockets and different sized storage cubes. The four-bottle pockets are insulated to buy mom some time on the go.

    Bably Baby Large Capacity Diaper Backpack ($60, Amazon)

  • Herschel Diaper Bag


    Herschel bags tend be to go-to bags for non-baby needs, so this diaper bag from the brand appears to be equally accountable. It features a two-way zipper and sides that snap down for extra space.

    Herschel Diaper Bag ($100, Shopbop)

  • Lekebaby Large Diaper Bag


    For the classy, but sassy mamas out there, this Lekebaby diaper bag is definitely the right vibe. It has a pattern on the exterior as well as nine pockets. Eight pockets are in the inside of the bag. In addition to baby supplies, mom's items can fit, too.

    Lekebaby Large Diaper Bag ($42, Amazon)

  • Diaper Dude Bag


    This bag is supposedly geared toward dads, but it can work for mamas, too. What works about it is its utilitarian design. The bag's manufacturer says it's "ergonomically designed to form fit to the body," which is useful when carrying around two babes. It features pockets on the outside and a large interior pocket. Maybe each parent gets one each?

    Diaper Dude Bag ($65, Amazon)

  • Chic Mommy Diaper Bag


    Twins due in summer? The chic mommy diaper bag will be ready for them and all of their supplies. There's pockets on the outside of the bag for bottles along with the option to carry it like a purse or shoulder bag.  

    Chic Mommy Diaper Bag ($44, Amazon)

  • Jacadi Diaper Bag


    Going to the gym or taking care of twins? No one will really be able to tell with this chic, gray diaper bag. While it's geared toward one baby, there's room for two here with "a front elastic pocket and bottle pockets, 2 side elastic pockets and a back zip pocket."

    Jacadi Gray Diaper Bag ($139, Jacadi)

  • Skip Hop Forma Backpack


    Lots of stuff means extra time is needed to find it all. The wide opening to the big compartment on the Forma diaper bag makes rummaging through it a whole lot easier. It also comes with a changing pad, cellphone pocket and space for a tablet or iPad.

    Skip Hop Forma Backpack ($75, Macy's)

  • Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag


    The bag name itself features the word "duo." Could it be a sign? We think it is. The bag features large outside pockets and a shoulder strap for heavy-duty carrying (that will also keep arms free.)

    Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag ($65, Shopbop)

  • Skip Hop Diaper Bag Tote for Double Strollers


    Lots of diaper bags have the ability of strapping to a stroller, but what if mama has a twin stroller? That's where the Skip Hop diaper bag for twins comes in. It can attach to a double stroller and has a whopping 16 pockets! 

    Skip Hop Diaper Bag for Twins ($112, Amazon)

  • Skip Hop Signature Dash Diaper Bag


    Twin mamas, this bag has been recommended by other moms out there and it sells like hotcakes. It has an easy-to-grab handle, pockets for double sippies, bottles, binkies, and more. Plus, magnets allow the top flap to close different ways to eliminate at least one source of potential stress. Who has time to worry about closing a bag properly with two babes to care for?

    Skip Hop Signature Dash Diaper Bag ($65, Amazon)

  • JuJuBe Diaper Backpack


    This bag works for any mama (or dad), but we can definitely picture it in a work or professional environment, too. The messenger-style leaves room for lots of space and has a (wait for it) crumb drain!! Sold? Sold.

    JuJuBe Diaper Backpack ($180, Amazon)

  • Hafmall Diaper Bag


    The Halfmall diaper bag is touted as large-capacity and durable. Both the inside and outside are waterproof and insulted to keep things try and hot or cold.

    Halfmall Diaper Bag ($37, Amazon)

  • Bliss Diaper Bag


    Look familiar? The Bliss bag is the same as the black bag above, but comes in this light gray fabric that transforms it into an entirely new product. The fabric is water-resistant and large enough to carry both babies' needs. 

    Bliss Diaper Bag ($60, Amazon)

  • Lassig Casual Twin Diaper Bag


    The Lassig diaper bag is made specifically for mamas with twins and comes in an extra-large size. It comes with two bottle holders, a holder that fits two pacifiers and a removable holder for baby food jars. 

    Lassig Casual Twin Diaper Bag ($140, BuyBuyBaby)

  • Eddie Bauer Backpack


    Moms of twins can be fashionable, too. Having this Eddie Bauer backpack diaper bag will help. It comes with two side pockets for bottle storage and a changing pad.

    Eddie Bauer Backpack ($60, Target)

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