15 Babywearing Products That Are Total Must-Haves

Jess Richardson | May 23, 2019 Baby
15 Babywearing Products That Are Total Must-Haves
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Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier

Babywearing can be a great fit for many families. By strapping a babe to a parent's chest or back, parents know kiddos are safe and sound, and little ones are comforted by the skin-to-skin contact and sound of a heartbeat. The practice also frees up parents' hands for everyday chores, cooking, working, and feeding other kids (and ourselves). It's an effective way to bond with babies, and for moms who choose to breastfeed, it can really make the whole process simpler and more convenient. Some people suggest that wearing a baby in a carrier also helps their development, because they're in contact and communicating with their parent all the time. There's also been some suggestion that it helps calm babies with common issues such as colic and acid reflux, and it can be really helpful in situations where strollers aren't welcome, such as airplanes. 

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  • Petunia Pickle Bottom for Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

    Petunia Pickle Bottom for Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

    This is a breathable, 100 percent cotton fabric wrap carrier made by the award-winning Moby brand, in a charming Petunia Pickle Bottom print. It's lovely because it's designed for multiple carry options and the fabric is practical yet attractive, but several reviews note that it's not plus-size friendly -- which we believe the brand should change.

    Petunia Pickle Bottom for Moby Wrap Baby Carrier ($45.50, Target)

  • Moby Fit

    Moby Fit

    Moby is a beloved brand in the babywearing space, and this hybrid carrier is a useful in-between option. It's as easy to use as a carrier while giving the closeness benefits of a wrap. It slips on as easily as a T-shirt, then adjusts, and features as a safety sash.

    Moby Fit ($55, Target)

  • Latched Mama Baby Wearing Nursing Pullover

    Latched Mama Baby Wearing Nursing Pullover
    Latched Mama

    We love this reversible pullover for so many reasons. It's cozy as all get-out, the sizing runs from sizes XS to 3X, it has easy nursing access, and a velcro flap allows for both front and back carries. What a wonder!

    Latched Mama Baby Wearing Nursing Pullover ($46, Latched Mama)

  • Tandemwearing Kangaroo Hoodie

    Tandemwearing Kangaroo Hoodie

    How totally cute are the ears on the baby hoodie insert? Some moms say it's best to go a size up -- it can run a tiny bit tight. This is just the insert, but for the matching hoodie, check this out! They go together perfectly.   

    Tandemwearing Kangaroo Hoodie ($22, Etsy)

  • USA made XL Beachfront Baby Wrap Water Carrier 

    USA made XL Beachfront Baby Wrap Water Carrier

    These are absolutely essential carriers for summer. The performance fabric is so breathable, and it's so elegant and simple in construction. No snaps or buckles needed -- just a little bit of patience when learning how to wrap the baby!

    USA made XL Beachfront Baby Wrap Water Carrier ($45, Etsy)

  • GoFuture Baby Sling Wrap

    GoFuture Baby Sling Wrap

    We love these simple handmade sling wraps. These are wonderful, hypoallergenic sling wraps made from a cotton and elastic blend, which keeps it soft and breathable while still having some stretch. 

    GoFuture Baby Sling Wrap ($33, Etsy)

  • Baby Wrap Carrier

    Baby Wrap Carrier

    For moms who aren't quite ready to get that whole babywearing wrap thing down yet, this shirt is just ingenious. It keeps the baby close as a carrier, and although parts of it need to be tied, it's less intimidating than a traditional carrier.

    Baby Wrap Carrier ($90, Etsy)

  • RylooBaby Baby Carrier

    RylooBaby Baby Carrier

    These infant wraps are designed for the first year, and come in classic, neutral tones perfect for parents of any gender. We love that the wraps are comfortable for parents of all sizes and are all handmade to order. 

    RylooBaby Baby Carrier ($33, Etsy)

  • Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier

    Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier

    We love all 15 of the colors available in this budget-friendly baby wrap! Made of polyester jersey, this dries quickly, making it a practical choice for poolside babywearing. The sling meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety requirements and it's made by a Baby Carrier Industry Alliance member, so it's very safe despite being a good value.

    Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier ($19, Amazon)

  • Boppy ComfyFit Carrier

    Boppy ComfyFit Carrier

    The structure of this carrier is so comfy and it's so easy to put on -- just click, strap, and tie. The material is incredibly soft, and it supports two different baby positions: front face-in and front face-out. Bonus: It's considered "hip healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, and it comes with a little zippered pocket.

    Boppy ComfyFit Carrier ($70, Target)

  • Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling

    Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling

    This ring sling is so comfy for the baby -- as well as safe -- and it's also fully adjustable for kids up to 30 pounds. The material is a blend of cotton and spandex, so it has a little stretch and give while still being very breathable. It's really easy to pop kids in and out of too.

    Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling ($33, Amazon)

  • Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps

    Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps

    This wrap carrier is also a postpartum belt, breastfeeding nursing cover, and swaddle blanket, and as a baby wrap it's already a good budget option. One note of caution, however -- athough the company claims this is all sizes, some reviews suggest that it's best for women who wear less than a size 14 because the material doesn't have as much stretch as some others.

    Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps ($25, Amazon)

  • Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier

    Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier

    This carrier comes in cool prints such as this dandelion pattern, and although its "wrap-style" and 100 percent cotton, it doesn't actually require knowing how to wrap -- which is helpful for parents who feel like the wrapping process is a hassle.

    Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier ($43, Amazon)

  • Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

    Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

    Made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, this carrier has more stretch than the pure-cotton options and is very breathable. It doesn't involve tying, so it's easy to use for parents who are new to the babywearing scene, and it's stretchy enough that it's practical for parents of all sizes.

    Boba Baby Wrap Carrier ($59, Amazon)

  • Super Quality Baby Sling Carrier

    Super Quality Baby Sling Carrier

    This is a practical carrier, nursing cover, and blanket, and it doesn't involve and straps or buckles. Made of 95 percent cotton with 5 percent spandex, it has some give and stretch while still keeping moms cool in the summer heat. 

    Super Quality Baby Sling Carrier ($30, Etsy)

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