New Moms Can Hire the 'Sleep Fairy' Meghan Markle Reportedly Hired for Baby Archie

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Ask any new mother what her biggest newborn struggle is and she'll look at you with barely open eyes and gutturally scream "sleep!" New parents get so little precious sleep in the beginning, and it's such a common "fact of life" that all throughout pregnancy, parents-to-be are constantly prepped and warned about it (and stupidly told to stock up on it as if sleep reserves were a thing). Sadly, the truth is the lack of sleep can last well into the six-month mark if parents struggle to get into a groove with their still very new little one. But what if it didn't have to be that way? 

According to Brandi Jordan, also known as "The Sleep Fairy," sleep is something moms don't need to miss out on. In fact, working with her can help establish healthy and happy sleep routines. And if you don't believe it, perhaps you'll be convinced when you hear she was reportedly hired by Meghan Markle to help prep her mom, Doria Ragland, for grandparenting duties. The Los Angeles "Sleep Fairy," is all about establishing order. Working at  The Cradle Company, she is more than qualified to help the royals (and regular folks too) get their kiddo to a zen place. 

Learn more about this board-certified lactation consultant, pediatric sleep specialist, newborn care specialist and a postpartum doula in the video!