Would You Breastfeed Your Friend's Baby?

warthog breastfeedingThere's a lot of talk on CafeMom about sharing breast milk. There's even a group, ShareMilk, devoted to it. The group connects mothers who make excess milk with families who want to give their babies breast milk but can't produce it on their own.


But talk of breast milk sharing isn't limited to that group. oimeloo asked members of the CafeMom Newcomers group if health insurance should cover breast milk from a milk bank.

Over in Politics & Current Events, MarlyeGirl asked, "Does anyone else think that the government should open breast milk banks in all local places?"

Cass_Michelle wanted to know what everyone in the Pregnancy group thought about sharing breast milk. And Christina2135 wanted to get information on donating her breast milk in Answers (someone recommended the Human Milk Bank Association of North America).

Others, like MidniteMochaMom want to know where they can sell their breast milk.

Sharing milk is one thing, but nursing someone's baby is another. I read an article called "Breast Friends" about two women who breastfed each other's baby. They called them milk-siblings, and they said it was a really lovely experience.

Would you breastfeed a friend or family member's baby?


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