Mom Confesses She Accidentally Ate Poop While Changing Her Son's Diaper


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From spit-up to diaper changes, at some point every new parent has to accept that getting their hands dirty is part of being a mom or dad. Though for one woman, we're sure that one recent messy incident completely surpassed her expectations. According to the new mom, she was sleep-deprived and in a rush when she accidentally put a poopy baby wipe in her mouth. The mom is sharing her hilarious story so other parents can learn from her mistake.

  • The mom explained that she made her mistake on a day she was tired and rushing to get out the door.

    As any sleep-deprived new mom will tell you, mom-brain is real. And as one woman explained in a post on Reddit, she was running late for an appointment when her son took "the biggest, loudest poop I've ever heard."

    She quickly unbuckled him from his car seat and brought him upstairs to wipe him down. "I take the first wipe and clean off a mountain of poop, trying to get as much off as I can," she explained. But the wipes don't separate easily, plus she's in a rush so she only has one free hand, so when she goes into the box to get the next wipe, "I rip them apart with my teeth to separate them. I think you can see where this is going," she wrote.

    "In one hand I have the wipe drenched in poop, and in the other hand I have the two clean wipes stuck together that I just pulled out," she wrote. "In my rushed, panicked, sleep deprived state, I shove the (expletive)-covered wipe in my mouth and bite down." BOOM, mom's mouth gets filled with poop. 

    "I stood there for probably way too long because I couldn't even believe what I just did," she added. She then rushed to try and clean her mouth out with wipes and mouthwash. 

    Through it all, she believed that her son thought they were just playing game. "No one warns you about some of the nasty stuff you'll go through in parenthood! I'm letting SO deal with all diaper changes for the rest of today :')" she added.

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  • Some people were grossed-out by the mom's poopy problem.

    "Well, oof. No breakfast for me," one person wrote in the comments.

    "I gagged reading this. I'm so sorry," added another person.

    And someone else was thoroughly disgusted. "Jesus Christ on a bike man," the person wrote. "I will never eat brown food again."

  • But many more moms thought the story was hilarious and admitted that they too were part of the poo-eating crew.

    As one mom shared:
    I've been there. A couple weeks ago I put my little girl in a bath and tried a new kind of bath bomb (from Crayola- it changes the color of the bath). There were all these little particles floating in the water that I thought were from the bath bomb (because they had been turned blue). My girl put a particle in her mouth and started crying. I, for some dumb reason, tried it too to see if it was that bad. That is when I realized that it was NOT from the bath bomb... they were poop particles. Floating everywhere. All over her and her bath toys.

    And another parent considered eating poo a "rite of passage."

    "This definitely happened to me at least once, and to my husband one time as well," the person wrote. "I barely remember anything about it as our kid's been toilet trained for 3+ years, but the thoughts that 'poop just went in my mouth poop in MY MOUTH get me all the mouthwash' stick to this day."

    Though many other people wanted to know this: What does poop taste like?

    To which the mom told them, "It tastes exactly like it smells except surprisingly sweet too."

  • In the end, the mom wrote that she was happy that her moment of misery was hilarious Internet gold for others parents to laugh at.

    "I’m glad that me eating poop could entertain you guys 😭 and thank you to all my fellow poop eaters for the stories," she wrote in an update to her original post. "It’s good to know I’m not alone."

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