Mom's 'Lie' to a Stranger at Target Who Formula-Shamed Her Is Either Genius or Too Far


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Whether you decide to breast or bottle-feed your baby it's nobody's business, especially not randos who might come up to you about it at the happiest place on earth: aka Target. Which is exactly what happened to one new mom, who shared the story of how one stranger approached her as she was shopping and rudely shamed her buying baby formula. But to stop the mommy-shaming, this woman had a serious clapback for the stranger but her "lie" has people wondering if it's a genius response to the judgers or taking things too far?

  • As the mom explained, it started as she was minding her own business when another woman came over and decided to shame her for buying formula.

    In a post on Reddit, the anonymous mom wrote that at first things started off nicely. All the lady wanted to know was how old her daughter was. "I told her she was just shy of three months." 

    But then things got really, really awkward. "The woman gets really quiet, looks and me and says, 'Honey, you know breastfeeding is way better for her than THAT (gestures to formula in my basket) stuff.'" 

    Obviously, the mom was taken aback by the stranger's comment and it particularly struck her as cruel given the fact that she had had difficulties nursing. "I tried just about everything to ensure breastfeeding would work -- vitamins, teas, multiple lactation consultants -- but in the end, it wasn’t meant to be," she wrote. 

    Seriously ticked, the mom realized she "owed" the stranger "nothing." "I don’t need to explain my choices to her. So, I told a lie," she wrote.

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  • Which is why the mom came up with a whooper of a lie to make her think twice: She told the stranger that she had a double mastectomy and COULDN'T breastfeed.

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    "I have NEVER seen someone’s face turn redder than hers did in that moment," the mom continued. "She sputtered 'sorry,' and scurried down the aisle and out of sight."

    While lying might not be the best way to fend off an overzealous stranger, the mom wrote that in the end, she hoped the woman would think before she shamed another woman. "Everyone has a different story and different reason for the parenting decisions they make," she added. "Just because their journey or choice is different from yours does not make it wrong."

  • Online other mamas cheered the mom on for taking a stand.

    "As someone who actually has a double mastectomy and has to use formula, thank you," one woman wrote in the comments.

    And another person was brought to tears by the mom's story. "My head about exploded in your first paragraph, and then I nearly cried because you do not owe anyone an explanation and then I cheered for you because [expletive] yes momma," the redditor wrote. "I hope that [expletive] wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep because she feels so bad about shaming someone who’d had a double mastectomy. Who cares that she had the wrong story. She should be absolutely, in tears ashamed of herself."

    "I’m applauding...what a quick response! Like, [expletive] you very much for your unasked for opinion," another person wrote.

  • And one hero mom even suggested the *perfect* comeback for the next time someone tries to give this mom any grief about bottle-feeding.

    "I tell people I have no nipples and then walk away," the hilarious commenter wrote. 

    In the end, the mom (who later explained she suffers from postpartum depression) shared that even her pediatrician had okayed formula as a way to feed her baby. "My pediatrician calls it 'science milk,'" she wrote. "When I bemoaned to him my breastfeeding struggles, he literally looked at me and said, 'This is why we have science milk! Your kid is going to be okay.'"

    Which goes to show you that as long as baby is happy, everyone should be celebrating mom -- not trying to tear her down.

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